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Scrap is a resource in Astroneer that can be traded to obtain other resources.


Scrap may be obtained by placing most player-made items, or any wreckage marked Debris into a Medium Shredder, Large Shredder or Extra Large Shredder. Items that are too big to be placed in a shredder, such as a Large Shuttle or any extra large platform, may be blown up with Dynamite to break them down into smaller, shreddable debris.

Each item shredded will yield different amounts of scrap, and any partially complete stack of scrap will remain in the Shredder until enough scrap has been collected to create an entire nugget of scrap. When a nugget of Scrap is complete, it will be stored on the same vehicle or platform as the shredder, assuming that there is enough storage space for it. If there is not any storage for the shredder, the Shredder will stop operating until the scrap has been removed.

Scrap may be easily obtained through the use of the Soil Centrifuge. Gathering enough Soil to turn into Clay, the player may smelt it into Ceramic and craft Drill Mod 1, which may then be shredded into Scrap. Doing this method will yield 3 Scrap for 2 canisters of Soil.

Resource Scrap Value

With the exception of EXO Chips, resources cannot be directly shredded, but their scrap value can be deduced from the item recipes that use them. The scrap amount obtained from a printable item is always equal to the sum of the scrap value of all the resources it was directly printed with. Some resources cannot be directly used to scrap items, and as a result, have unknown scrap values.

Resource Scrap Amount
Compound 0.25
Organic 0.25
Resin 0.25
Quartz 0.25
Glass 0.5
Carbon N/A
Ceramic 0.5
Zinc 0.5
Ammonium 0.5
Aluminum 1
Copper 1
Aluminum Alloy 1.5
Graphite 0.25
Tungsten 1.5
Tungsten Carbide 1.5
Iron 1.5
Steel 1.5
Plastic 0.5
Rubber 1
Lithium 2
Titanium 2
Titanium Alloy 1.5
Silicone 1
Graphene N/A
Explosive Powder N/A
Diamond 2
Nanocarbon Alloy 2
Astronium 3
EXO Chip 3

Scrap from Items

Medium Shredder

Name Tier Scrap Amount
QT-RTG Small 4
EXO Chip Small 3
Small Printer Small 0.25
Packager Small 0.25
Tethers Small 0.25
Tether (Single) Small 0.023
Oxygen Filters (Full) * Small 0.25
Oxygen Tank Small 0.5
Portable Oxygenator Small 2
Small Canister Small 0.25
Beacon Small 0.25
Worklight Small 1
Glowsticks (Full) Small 0.25
Glowstick (Single) Small 0.01
Floodlight Small 1.5
Small Generator Small 0.25
Power Cells (Full) * Small 0.25
Small Solar Panel Small 1
Small Wind Turbine Small 0.5
Small Battery Small 0.5
Boost Mod Small 0.5
Wide Mod Small 0.5
Narrow Mod Small 0.5
Inhibitor Mod Small 0.5
Alignment Mod Small 0.5
Drill Mod 1 Small 0.5
Drill Mod 2 Small 1.5
Drill Mod 3 Small 2
Small Camera Small 3
Small Trumpet Horn Small 0.25
Small Squeaker Horn Small 0.25
Holographic Figurine Small 0.5
Stone Figurine (Jasper) Small 0.75
Stone Figurine (Lapis) Small 0.5
Terrain Analyzer (Full) ** Small 0.5
Probe Scanner Small 1.5
Solid-Fuel Jump Jet *** Small 1.5
Hydrazine Jet Pack Small 1.5
Hoverboard Small 3
Power Sensor Small 1.5
Storage Sensor Small 0.75
Battery Sensor Small 0.75
Button Repeater Small 0.5
Delay Repeater Small 0.5
Count Repeater Small 0.5
Power Extenders Small 1
Power Extender (Single) Small 0.2
Power Switch Small 1
Curious Item Small 0.5
Cosmic Bauble Small 1


* Value depends on how "full" the item is.
** Empty Terrain Analyzers yield no scrap.
*** Value is the same for a full or spent Solid-Fuel Jump Jet.

Large Shredder

Name Tier Scrap Amount
Medium Printer Medium 0.5
Oxygenator Medium 1.5
Medium Shredder Medium 3
Auto Arm Medium 1.25
Medium Resource Canister Medium 1
Medium Fluid & Soil Canister Medium 1
Medium Gas Canister Medium 1.5
Splitter Medium 1.25
Medium Generator Medium 2.5
Medium Solar Panel Medium 1.5
Medium Wind Turbine Medium 1.5
Medium Battery Medium 2.5
RTG Medium 4
Medium Platform A Medium 0.25
Medium Platform B Medium 0.5
Medium Platform C Medium 0.25
Tall Platform Medium 0.5
Medium T-Platform Medium 0.5
Medium Storage Medium 0.5
Medium Storage Silo Medium 4
Tall Storage Medium 0.5
Rover Seat Medium 0.5
Medium Buggy Horn Medium 1.5
Medium Truck Horn Medium 1.5
Winch Medium 4
Paver Medium 2.5
Drill Strength 1 Medium 2
Drill Strength 2 Medium 3
Drill Strength 3 Medium 3.5
Solid-Fuel Thruster * Medium 1.5
Hydrazine Thruster Medium 4.5
Large Sensor Ring Medium 0.75
Recreational Sphere Medium 2.5
Frozen Argon Medium 1
Astral Figurine Medium 1
Automatons Medium 0.5
Cubic Object Medium 1
Stellar Object Medium 1


* Value is the same for a full or spent Solid-Fuel Thruster.

Extra Large Shredder

Name Tier Scrap Amount
Large Printer Large 0.75
Smelting Furnace Large 0.75
Soil Centrifuge Large 1.5
Chemistry Lab Large 2.5
Atmospheric Condenser Large 2.5
Research Chamber Large 0.75
EXO Request Platform Large 1
Trade Platform Large 6
Large Shredder Large 6
Large Solar Panel Large 3
Large Wind Turbine Large 2.5
Large Platform A Large 0.5
Large Platform B Large 0.75
Large Platform C Large 2.25
Large T-Platform Large 2.25
Large Curved Platform Large 1.25
Large Extended Platform Large 0.5
Large Resource Canister Large 4.5
Large Storage Large 1.5
Large Storage Silo A Large 3.5
Large Storage Silo B Large 4.5
Large Active Storage Large 1.75
Large Rover Seat Large 1.25
VTOL Large 5.5
Crane Large 4.5
Large Fog Horn Large 3
Large Starship Horn Large 3
Large Sensor Hoop A Large 1
Large Sensor Hoop B Large 1.25
Landing Pad Large 2
Mysterious Mushroom Large 1
Freight Module Large 3
Cauldrangea Large 0.75
Cauldrangea Roots Large 0.75

Scrap from Debris

Debris (Salvage) Scrap Amount Notes
Debris Bundle (Single) 0.2 Created when Small debris items are placed in a slot.
Debris Bundle (Full) 1 Created when Small debris items are placed in a slot.
Broken Dropship 1
Broken Dropship Dome 0.2
Broken Dropship Door 0.25
Broken Dropship White Panel 0.2
Broken Dropship Blue Panel 0.2
Broken Extender 0.2
Broken Medium Solar Panel 1.25
Broken Medium Solar Cell 0.2
Broken Medium Wind Turbine 1
Broken Medium Wind Turbine Blade 0.2
Broken Large Wind Turbine 1.5
Broken Large Wind Turbine Top 0.25
Broken XL Wind Turbine Blade 0.25
Broken XL Wind Turbine Rotor 0.25
Broken Medium Generator 3
Broken Platform Leg 0.2
Derelict Medium Platform B 1 Has one working Cable Plug
Broken Medium Platform B 0.75 Two variants
Broken Rover Seat 0.5
Broken Rover Wheel 0.25
Broken Medium Rover 2.5
Broken Tether 0.2
Broken Research Catalog 0.2
Broken Solar Array Support 3
Broken Solar Array Panel 0.2
Broken Solar Array Strut 1
Broken Solar Array Cell 3
Broken Solar Array Cell Frame 0.2
Large Broken Solar Array Panel 1.5
Small Broken Solar Array Panel 0.2
Broken Research Chamber 0.38
Broken Smelting Furnace 1
Derelict Large Platform B 1 Has a single working Cable Plug
Broken Large Platform B 1
Broken Extra Large Platform C Side Platform 1.5
Expended Research Aid Top 3
Wrecked EXO Delivery Crate 0.5
Wrecked EXO Delivery Crate Right Door 1
Wrecked EXO Delivery Crate Left Door 1
Broken Present Crate 0.2
Broken Present Crate Bottom 0.2
Broken Present Crate Top 0.2
Broken Field Shelter 1.5
Broken Shelter Leg 0.25
Broken Shelter Door 1
"Misplaced" Cargo 2.5


Scrap is the currency resource, used with the Trade Platform, to obtain other resources. The ratio of scrap to resource varies on the rarity of the resource being traded for.

Alternatively, Scrap may also be researched for 275 Bytes at the Research Chamber.

Scrap could also be used to print event items for the Project CHEER Delivery LTE.



  • Before the release of the Extra Large Shredder, many of the larger broken objects were marked as Detritus. This was due to the size limitations for items accepted by the largest shredder at the time, the Large Shredder. Now, many of these objects are shreddable, and have been reclassified and marked as Debris rather than Detritus.
  • Before Patch 1.9.8, Platforms were not shreddable.