Large Shuttle

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The Large Shuttle is a Extra Large shuttle in Astroneer. It is bigger than the Medium Shuttle and Small Shuttle, and can hold more items, including Large modules. It can be used to travel rapidly across a world, or to other planets more easily.


Output Input Module
Large Shuttle EXO Chip x2
Titanium Alloy
Large Printer


A Large Shuttle base has two Tier-3 slots and two Tier-2 slots. One Tier-2 slot is needed for either a Solid-Fuel Thruster or a Hydrazine Thruster. One Tier-2 slot is intended for an Oxygenator, however, you can place anything there.

Like other Shuttles, Large Shuttles can land at Landing Zones and Landing Pads.

Similar to other vehicles, Shuttles provide unlimited Oxygen to players tethered to them. If an Oxygenator is onboard, it will provide oxygen to connected tethers. Shuttles also transport players between planets.