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The LREV (or Long Range Exploration Vehicle) is the spaceship that brings Astroneers into the star system where Astroneer takes place. Astroneers are sent off from the Long Range Exploration Vehicle in dropships, either when starting a new world or when the player has completed the Gateway Portal puzzle. The interior of the LREV is seen in more detail during the final cutscene. The room is filled with devices, packages, research catalogs, and the blue tanks seen on oxygenators and rovers. At the far end, there is a window looking out into space along with a table with a laptop and what looks to be a burrito, implying that there is most likely gravity inside of the LREV.


  • In Early Access Alpha, the LREV was a satellite that contained the dropships for each player save. Upon death, the player would be sent back to the planet in a dropship from the satellite.