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Buggy Buggy
Tier Large
Group Vehicles
Type Scout
Crafted at Medium Printer
Recipe 1x Compound
1x Aluminum
Unlock Cost 1,500 Bytes

Buggies are the second tier of land Vehicles in Astroneer, and are traditionally used as scout vehicles.

The Buggy is much smaller than rovers and is not ideal for carrying items or gathering resources, however, it is faster than rovers due to its smaller size and suspension. It is also capable of climbing sheer, near vertical walls, though the speed can provide difficulty controlling the buggy, causing players to lose control and drive off of cliffs or into holes.


Output Input Module
Buggy Compound
Medium Printer


  • Buggies are ideal for exploration due to their low power draw and high speed.
  • They are faster and easier to maneuver than the Medium Rover or Large Rover.
  • They can climb very steep inclines, such as mountains. They can even be used in large caves, due to their small size and high maneuverability.
  • Because the Buggy contains two Tier-1 slots, larger items such as research items cannot be directly stored onboard the vehicle.
    • A Packager will allow Tier-2 items to be stored in their packaged state.
  • A Portable Oxygenator may be attached but is not needed because the buggy will already provide oxygen.



  • Power Consumption Rate: 0.03125 U/s
  • Power Capacity: 4 U
  • Each segment of the internal battery of a Buggy will last exactly 32 seconds.
  • Internal battery initial state of charge: 0 U
  • Any Tier 1 power generator, either Small Generator, Small Wind Turbine, Small Solar Panel, or QT-RTG, will suffice, however the QT-RTG would provide infinite power to the buggy.
  • A Small Battery can increase power capacity by 32 Units or 1024 seconds (17 minutes) per battery.
  • A Power Cells can generate 48 Units as necessary, increasing the Buggy's drive time by up to 1536 seconds (26 minutes) per power cell.


  • A Buggy has one Tier-2 and two Tier-1 Attachment Slots. However, a Rover Seat is required in order to drive the Buggy and a power generator is required for long-term driving, leaving one free slot for Tier 1 storage.


  • Buggies lack cable ports, making it impossible to chain them with other rovers or plug them directly into networked power.
  • A Buggy can be used as a supply of unlimited oxygen.
  • The Buggy is the most power-efficient vehicle by far, and also has the most torque.