Atmospheric Condenser

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Atmospheric Condenser Atmospheric Condenser
Apt condensor.png
Tier Large
Group Production
Type Module
Crafted at Medium Printer
Recipe 1x Plastic
1x Glass
1x Iron
Unlock Cost 2,200 Bytes

The Atmospheric Condenser is one of the Modules in Astroneer. It condenses the Atmosphere around it into gases used for crafting at the Chemistry Lab.


Output Input Module
Atmospheric Condenser Plastic
Medium Printer


The following atmospheric Resources can be gathered using the Atmospheric Condenser, with differing rates per planet:

Resource Icon Sylva.png Sylva Icon Calidor.png Calidor Icon Vesania.png Vesania Icon Novus.png Novus Icon Glacio.png Glacio Icon Atrox.png Atrox
Hydrogen 75 50 100 25 x x
Argon x x 50 x 100 x
Methane x x x 75 x 100
Nitrogen 100 x 75 x x 50
Sulfur x 100 x x x 75
Helium x x x x x 25
  • Power Consumption Rate: 20 U/s

The Atmospheric Condenser requires 10s per unit of gas produced at 100 PPU, 13.33s per unit at 75 PPU, 20s per unit at 50 PPU, and 40s per unit at 25 PPU. As with all buildings that consume power, if the Atmospheric Condenser is starved for power, the time required to produce each unit is increased, inversely proportionate to the fraction of power available to power required (20 U). Note that these times are per unit of gas. A single canister holds 5 units of gas, and thus takes 5 times as long to fill. A Medium Gas Canister can hold 160 units of gas, requiring 1600 seconds (~27 minutes) to fill at 100 PPU and 6400s (~107 minutes) at 25 PPU. A Large Storage Silo B with 12 Medium Gas Canisters requires 5 hours 20 minutes to fill at 100 PPU, and 21 hours 20 minutes to fill at 25 PPU.

Atmospheric Condensers run until all available storage slots on a platform are filled, as long as the condenser is set to repeat. If a condenser is placed on a Large Platform A, then a single canister of gas will be produced. At most the condenser may produce up to 1152 canisters, or 5760 uses, using an Extra Large Platform C, the condenser, and 3 Large Storage Silo B, each with 12 Medium Gas Canisters. This setup is good for players who wish to collect rare gases, such as Helium from Icon Atrox.png Atrox, while exploring and can come back to more than enough gas.


  • Prior to, the Atmospheric Condenser (previously known as the Fuel Condenser) synthesized Hydrazine from the atmosphere of the planet, at the cost of a large amount of constant power usage and lots of time.
  • When not in use, the Atmospheric Condenser can be switched to a gas with an insufficient concentration to prevent it from making noise.
  • Each cycle for The Atmospheric Condenser will fill one fifth of a canister of gas, which equates to one use of that gas.
  • The Atmospheric Condenser will stop running if it runs out of Attachment Slots to place gas canisters.
  • You can place the Atmospheric Condenser in a Large Shuttle with power and storage and travel around different planets to collect gases.
  • The amount of power units required to collect a unit of gas increases dramatically at lower PPU ratings; it only costs 33% more power units per unit of gas at 75 PPU compared to 100 PPU, but compared to 300% more per unit of gas at 25 PPU compared to 100 PPU.
  • Prior to the Rails Update, the Atmospheric Condenser when used in space ("Prop Zone" and above) will display a bugged graphic of a square available at a concentration of 100 PPU, activating the Atmospheric Condenser would result in nothing. This has been patched and now shows binary on the left displaying the letter "X" and on the right The Unidentified Satellite icon. (See Media)