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Below are the community rules for the Astroneer Wiki. Infringing upon any of these rules will result in either a warning or a temporary/permanent ban, depending on the circumstances and severity of the offence.

Community Guidelines

Edit Warring

While working on the wiki, users may find themselves working on the same page as another editor and may disagree with how the information has been presented. Users are expected to reach a consensus, either by utilizing talk pages or the #Gamepedia channel in the official Astroneer discord, rather than constantly reverting or editing the information.

Personal Attacks

Editors come from all walks of life, from all around the world, and are not expected to get along, but respect must be had. Personal attacks, whether in edits, talk pages, or in official channels on Discord, are not tolerated.

Assume Good Faith

Mistakes may happen occasionally due to human error, either due to being new to the wiki community, or any other honest reason, fellows community members must assume good faith. Insulting, berating, lashing out at the editor will not be tolerated, and community members should approach situations with respect and an understanding, helpful attitude.


Wiki vandalism will be defined as intentionally adding, removing, or changing content to the wiki in order to compromise the integrity of the wiki. It is strictly prohibited.

Examples of vandalism include:

  • Inserting gibberish, false information, or offensive content into a page
  • Uploading offensive images
  • Blanking a page or creating blank pages
  • Spamming links to external sites, unrelated to the wiki or as self-promotion.

Article and Page Guidelines

All wiki content should abide by the Editing Guide.

  • US English only. This is keeping with the same language, style, and spelling as used in-game.
  • No profane, sexually explicit, or inappropriate language, unless used in-game.
  • Formal English. No colloquialisms or contracted forms.
  • "Encyclopedia" style. No first or second-person perspectives, opinions, subjections, or any personal bias.
  • New information about Astroneer, i.e. the content of the Upcoming Features page, must be sourced.
  • No information on any Astroneer mods or other unofficial, unsupported content.

Talk Pages

  • When commenting on talk pages, be sure to sign the end with four tildes (~~~~)
  • Always remain civil during discussions
  • An articles talk page is intended for discussions or questions pertaining to that article, and not for casual discussions. Game suggestions, personal stories, shout-outs, etc., will be removed.
  • Generally, other users' contributions should not be removed or edited, except for maintenance tasks like fixing links or templates.


Bugs are permitted in articles in rare circumstances. Most bugs should NOT be placed in wiki articles, and should instead be reported to System Era's official email at [email protected], and must include the following:

  • The platform (PC, XBox, PS4)
  • A description of the bug and what lead up to it
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • A copy of the save
  • A copy of system specs
  • Relevant images or video of the issue


"Trivia" is a broad term that often invites creativity and speculation, especially regarding a game element's "possible reference" to other media. To prevent this resulting in long lists of low-quality, unsubstantiated opinions, trivia items should only be added if they conform to the following:

  • The trivia item is confirmed by Astroneer's developers, in which case it should include a link to the record of that confirmation.
  • If no staff confirmation is available, the trivia item must be "undeniable", meaning that most players are likely to agree it is obvious. When there could be multiple valid theories that are each just as likely, do not post any. Trivia sections do not exist for the purpose of listing possible theories.
    • For example, pointing out where the names of resources came from would be an "undeniable" trivia item.
    • If a game item merely looks like something you saw somewhere else, it usually does not merit mention (starting a trivia item with "might be a reference" or "looks like" is often a sign that the item is not worth mentioning).
  • Trivia should not generally describe a game element's function, nor tips on using or dealing with it, unless these are mentioned only as they relate to points of trivial interest that have little bearing on playing the game. This includes information on an item's historical use from previous versions that may have been changed in more recent updates.


Registered users are expected to use a single account for all editing under most circumstances. The use of more than one account by a single individual is known as "sockpuppeting".

A second account can be used in certain rare circumstances by longtime established, trusted users. Some valid reasons to use a second account may include:

  • Technical testing
  • Bot (automated) accounts
  • Administrators who want to use non-admin accounts in less secure editing situations.

In those cases, it must be made absolutely clear that the accounts are operated by the same individual.

Individuals found to be operating multiple accounts, in an ongoing manner, for the purposes of mimicking different personas or the like, will have all of their associated accounts permanently banned.

The use of a registered account and an anonymous IP address (editing while logged out) may also be considered bannable sockpuppeting behavior, if this appears to be a deliberate attempt to fool others or circumvent rules. Occasional anonymous edits performed by an individual with a registered account, but with no ulterior motive, are not a problem.


Custom signatures must comply with these specifications:

  • Signatures must not be obtrusive or difficult to read.
    • Signatures should not interfere with how other text displays. Avoid increasing font size and do not insert line breaks.
  • Your signature must contain one obvious link to your userpage. It may also optionally contain a link to your user talk page.
    • Your talk page link is included in the default signature. You are permitted to remove it if you prefer to use your enhanced user profile page for communication.
  • Do not link to pages not related to you, and do not link to external sites.
  • Signatures cannot contain any images, transcluded templates, or categories.
  • Your signature must be static. It may not contain any animations, interactive elements (aside from links), or dynamic elements.
  • Your signature must not display any more than 33 additional characters of text (not including your username and talk page link). The standard time and date stamp are also not included in this limit.
  • Do not make signatures which result in excessively long code. 255 code characters should be considered the maximum in most cases. Note that the software will automatically truncate both plain and raw signatures to 255 characters of code in the Signature field of your wiki preferences.
  • Its final output must be no taller than 30px.
  • Your signature must clearly and obviously display the actual username for your wiki account, without any character alterations.
    • For example, the username "BillSimpson" may not be displayed as "Harry", or even as "BillySimpson".
  • Non-Latin scripts, such as Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Indic scripts, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Thai and others, are illegible to most other contributors of the Astroneer Wiki. Not everyone uses a keyboard that has immediate access to non-Latin characters, and names that cannot be pronounced cannot be retained in memory. As a courtesy to other contributors, users with such usernames are encouraged to sign their posts (at least in part) with Latin characters. For instance, a user such as User:クリス should sign as クリス/Chris.

Above all, signatures are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Users whose signatures are found to be inappropriate will be asked to change them.


  • All uploads must be related to Astroneer, SES, or the wiki layout.
  • The Astroneer Wiki is not a file hosting service. Files not used in articles soon after uploading will be removed without notice.
  • Abuse of uploading unrelated files will result in being blocked.