Portable Oxygenator

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Portable Oxygenator Portable Oxygenator
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Oxygen Generation
Crafted at Backpack
Recipe 1x Nanocarbon Alloy
Unlock Cost 10,000 Bytes

The Portable Oxygenator is an oxygen generation item used to generate Oxygen using Power in the Backpack. Combined with any power generation such as Small Wind Turbines, Small Solar Panels, QT-RTG, or Small Generators, it can provide a permanent Oxygen supply without needing to connect to tethers or other devices that provide oxygen.


Output Input Module
Portable Oxygenator Nanocarbon Alloy Backpack


  • Power Consumption Rate: 1 U/s

To use a Portable Oxygenator, the player must first place it in one of the widget slots on the Backpack, then press the corresponding context key (default C or V, for left or right slot) to activate. The Portable Oxygenator will run until it consumes all power, even if the oxygen tank is full, so the player should turn it off once the oxygen tank is filled.

When the Portable Oxygenator is active, the player won't connect to tethers until it is turned off or the backpack is opened and an available tether is nearby. For use away from tethers, the player is required to have a source of power, either Small Solar Panels, Small Wind Turbines, QT-RTG, or Small Generators, to refill the backpack power supply. Using a Small Generator may be the best option, with organic being found on all planet layers.

When activated, a Portable Oxygenator consumes 1 U/s continuously and fills a single Oxygen Tank per 10 Units of power consumed. When paired with a QT-RTG, the portable oxygenator will provide infinite oxygen to the player.

The Portable Oxygenator can be placed on a Platform to act as a standard Oxygenator and provide Oxygen to the base and tethers, however, it will still require power to function.


  • For reference, the backpack's oxygen tank is the same size as Oxygen Tanks, so a full charge of 10 Units in the backpack will entirely fill the player's Oxygen bar.
  • Portable Oxygenators are functionally identical to regular Oxygenators, besides being able to be toggled on or off, meaning they can turn a player's backpack into a portable Power and Oxygen supplier for unconnected tethers and all nearby players in multiplayer.
    • Any Oxygen provided to adjacent Astroneers while the Portable Oxygenator is active is essentially free; no extra cost is exacted for doing so, though backpacks will try to share power from any attached external power storage devices.
  • Portable Oxygenators consume power indefinitely, whether they are actually able to fill an oxygen tank or not. If all tanks are full, any remaining power will be consumed, meaning the player should turn off the Portable Oxygenator when oxygen tanks are full to prevent any loss of excess power and to extend the power left in the backpack.
  • There is a mission requiring the player to make 1 Nanocarbon Alloy, and the reward is the Schematic for the Portable Oxygenator, the player can immediately make a Portable Oxygenator after completing the mission.
  • When the Portable Oxygenator is active, the Astroneer wearing it does not connect to tether networks, which prevents them from recharging using base power.