Holographic Figurine

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Holographic Figurine Holographic Figurine
Holographic Figurine.jpg
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Recreational
Crafted at Backpack
Recipe 1x Plastic
Unlock Cost 3,000 Bytes

The Holographic Figurine is a recreational item in Astroneer.


Output Input Module
Holographic Figurine Plastic Backpack


The Holographic Figurine is used to play games of chess or checkers on the Figurine Platform. Unlike the Stone Figurine, these come as a single item, needing to be cycled through for the various pieces, each available in pink or blue: Basic, Double, Pawn, Knight, Rook, Bishop, Queen, and King.

To play chess, 32 pieces will need to be crafted, with 8 Pawns, 2 Knights, 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops, 1 King and 1 Queen for each player. To play checkers, 24 pieces will be needed, with 12 blue and 12 pinks.


  • The Holographic Figurines must be placed on the ground to change their appearance. Once slotted they are unable to be changed until removed again. This is to help prevent cheating.