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Tier Small
Group Item
Type Power Generation

The QT-RTG is a power generation item in Astroneer that supplies a constant stream of power. It is a smaller version of the RTG that is able to fit into a player's backpack.


The QT-RTG can be acquired from:

In Creative Mode, QT-RTGs may be crafted using two nuggets of Nanocarbon Alloy.


QT-RTGs offer a constant stream of power at all times, and can be placed on platforms, the player's backpack, or on the ground.

  • Power Production Rate: 1 U/s
  • A Portable Oxygenator will run infinitely when paired with a QT-RTG, removing the need for the player to connect to Oxygen networks.
  • A QT-RTG can power any of the Rovers indefinitely, even underground. It is the only infinite power source for the Buggy, as an RTG cannot fit on it.
  • A Medium Storage Silo filled with 20 QT-RTGs can create an incredibly dense power source that can easily power an Atmospheric Condenser, making gas collection much easier.
  • A Hoverboard may be paired with a QT-RTG to allow infinite movement.
  • A QT-RTG may be used as a good starting power source on most planets, especially those with low power outputs, such as Atrox.


  • The QT-RTG was first shown on the March 12, 2021 SES_Dev Twitch stream.
  • The "QT" may either be an acronym for "Quarter", or represent the phonetic spelling of "Cutie" or "Cute". It could also be both.
  • QT-RTGs are somewhat of an oddity. The normal RTG has a set of eight pistons and produces 4U/S of power, while the QT-RTG has a set of four pistons and produces 1U/S of power. Additionally, the Field Shelter has two RTG pistons built into it, and it produces 0.5U/S of power. Therefore, the normal RTG produces exponentially more power than the QT-RTG and Field Shelter.