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The Small Canister is a tool in Astroneer that is used to store Soil when paired with the Terrain Tool or Drills.


Output Input Module
Small Canister Resin Backpack or Small Printer


Small Canisters are used to hold Soil. Players and vehicles that have empty canisters will gather soil until they are filled. Filled soil canisters can be used to terraform the terrain or used in the Soil Centrifuge to obtain universal Resources.

When Hydrazine is created, it is already inside of a canister, and once used up the canister disappears.



  • The canister has an indicator on its top face which previews how much material is inside. When empty, the surface is black. When partially full, the surface has a colored indicator showing the percentage of material inside, and the light on top changes to bright orange. When full, the light changes to green and the indicator becomes a full circle.
  • When a canister is equipped, the terrain tool's reticle displays a circle indicating the amount of soil the player has available. Equipping more than one canister will divide the circle into parts based on how many canisters the player is using.


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