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Packager Packager
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Base Building
Crafted at Backpack
Recipe 1x Graphite
Unlock Cost 1,000 Bytes

The Packager is a single-use, base building item that the player may use to package items by attaching the packager to an item. This allows players to easily move their base, store items that are no longer needed, or bring back larger items from other planets.


Output Input Module
Packager Graphite Backpack

Packagers may be found alongside Automatons during certain events. Packagers may be found nearby a MAT alongside some dynamite.


To use the packager, the player must place it on any part of the object they wish to package that is not an attachment slot. When the light on top turns green, press and hold the Use key (PC: F, Xbox: Xbox One - Y, PS4: PS4 - Triangle, Switch: Switch - X). The packager will then pick up the item and leave the item packaged inside of a crate. This will consume the packager and more will need to be made if the player wants to repackage more items. The light on top of the packager will turn red for any item that the packager cannot be used on, such as the starting Shelter, and it will turn black when placed in an attachment slot, showing that it is inactive.

The packager can be used for packing up Research Items to bring back from another planet or easily moving a base to a new location. Packagers can also be used on Debris that is too large to collect as a Debris Bundle, reducing the size by 1 tier and providing attachment points for easier transport. Packages cannot be shredded, so a shredder of sufficient size will be needed to shred the unpacked item into Scrap.


  • Packaging an item will revert it to its default, freshly crafted state. Some examples are a partially used Solid-Fuel Thruster regaining all four uses, a Large Shredder losing any partial stack of scrap, or a Medium Battery losing any power charge. This can also be useful to fix any modules that may occasionally break, or those that change in an update but require being refreshed, such as EXO Request Platform when a new LTE occurs.
  • Multiple packagers can be placed on vehicles regardless if it's green or red. This can be an effective way to transport multiple packagers across long distances without using up vehicle nor player inventory slots.