Wide Mod

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Wide Mod Wide Mod
Wide Mod.png
Tier Small
Group Augment
Type Terrain Tool
Crafted at Backpack
Recipe 1x Zinc
Unlock Cost 1,000 Bytes
Power Drain 0.5U/s

The Wide Mod is a Terrain Tool augment that enlarges the Terrain Tool's diameter, allowing the player to modify terrain within a larger area.

  • This mod can be combined with other mods such as the Inhibitor Mod, and Terrain Analyzer to produce effects.
  • If both a Wide Mod and Narrow Mod are attached to the Terrain Tool, they cancel each other out.
  • This mod cannot be stacked with itself. When attaching a second Wide Mod to the Terrain Tool, only the mod closest to the top of the tool remains enabled; the others are automatically disabled.
  • However, Bestefar's buff stacks with the Wide Mod to enlarge the Terrain Tool's diameter even more.


Output Input Module
Wide Mod Zinc Backpack