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Fault Finder Fault Finder
Fault Finder.png
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Unknown
Unlock Cost Unlocked via Missions

Fault Finder is an item in Astroneer. They are used to defragment data and may be traded in the Trade Platform for various items, such as Composite resources and colored Fireworks.


Output Input Module
Fault Finder Astronium
Small Printer



Fault Finders are used in the following missions:

Trade Platform

Fault Finders can be used in the Trade Platform to obtain the following items.

Item Fault Finder:item ratio
Rubber 1:8
Plastic 1:8
Aluminum Alloy 1:4
Tungsten Carbide 1:4
Graphene 1:1
Diamond 1:1
Hydrazine 1:2
Silicone 1:2
Explosive Powder 1:2
Steel 1:2
Titanium Alloy 2:1
Nanocarbon Alloy 4:1
QT-RTG 4:1
Hybrid Rose Seed 1:2
Beach Ball 1:1
Blue Firework 1:8
Green Firework 1:8
Orange Firework 1:8
Teal Firework 1:8
Violet Firework 1:8
Yellow Firework 1:8


  • When placed on the ground, a Small Platform will appear below the Fault Finder