Sturdysquash Sample

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Sturdysquash Sample is an event item in Astroneer. It is used in the EXO Biofuel Obtainment Operation and EXO F.A.R.M. event to obtain rewards from the EXO Request Platform.


Sturdysquash Samples can be obtained by harvesting Sturdysquash, which grow naturally on Sylva, Calidor, and Atrox, or they can be planted from Sturdysquash seeds. They may also be obtained from Spookysquash, which seeds may be obtained by detonating a PUM-KN Shelter with Dynamite.


Sturdysquash Samples are used to create different biofuels in a Cauldrangea, which are used for rewards from the EXO Request Platform.

Module Output Input
Cauldrangea Squasholine Sturdysquash Sample x2
Attapetrol Sturdysquash Sample
Mutant Volatile Attactus Seed
Noxothane Sturdysquash Sample
Mutant Elegant Spewflower Seed

Alternatively, Sturdysquash Sample may be also researched for 300 bytes over the course of 1,2 minutes in a Research Chamber.