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Seeds are items that drop occasionally when digging up defensive flora. When planted, they grow into the flora of that seed type. Digging up the plants gives the same Research Samples, Research Items and seeds that naturally-occurring flora gives.

"Mutant Seeds" are harmless versions of offensive flora. These seeds can be planted, but cannot be used for Bytes in a Research Chamber. These seeds, along with the plants they germinate, have their glowing, red parts replaced by glowing, blue parts, allowing players to easily distinguish between them and their non-mutated counterparts. Mutant seeds are most useful for feeding Galastropods.

Types of Seeds

There are four main kinds of seeds, defensive, harmless, mutant and offensive flora seeds. The mutant seeds mutate the offensive flora to just be decorative, removing the plants' ability to harm the player, while defensive flora grown from seeds may still affect the player.

Defensive Flora Seeds

Mutant Flora Seeds

Harmless Flora Seeds

Other Seeds


To use a Seed the player must place them on the ground then hold the Use key (PC: F, Xbox: Xbox One - Y, PS4: PS4 - Triangle, Switch: Switch - X) to plant the seed. Seeds take a couple of minutes to harvest. When ready, the player may either dig the plant up or, depending on the type, may press the Use key on the plant to harvest (or utilize Proximity Repeater for automation). Mutant flora will produce 2 seeds (with the exception of mutant Boomalloons, which produce 3 seeds), and other types of flora will produce one, with a chance of more.