Gateway Fast Travel Network

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The Gateway Fast Travel Network spans across all seven planets. When a Gateway Chamber or Gateway Engine is activated the player may interact with the Odd Stone in the center. Clicking on any active node will teleport the player to that location, including the Gateway Portal, also called the Mysterious Satellite over the sun.

Structure of Network

At the very center of the network, connecting all of the planet's Gateway Engines, is the Gateway Portal (Unidentified Satellite) hovering above the sun. The player can teleport to the Gateway Portal from a planet's Gateway Engine once the player activates the engine and visits the portal at least once. A Gateway Chamber on each planet's surface must be unlocked to reach the Gateway Engine on that planet, and at least one Gateway Engine must be activated using a Geometric Triptych to reach the Gateway Portal.

Attached to each of the Gateway Engines, but not the Gateway Portal, is the Gateway Chambers. Gateway Chambers are large purple structures that can be found on a planet's surface. To activate these, the player must supply a specified amount of charge (see Gateway Chambers) for 30 seconds. There are two Gateway Chambers per moon and six per planet, located equidistant apart on the equators of both planets and moons, and the poles of the planets.