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Oxygenator Oxygenator
Tier Medium
Group Item
Type Oxygen Generation
Crafted at Small Printer
Recipe Aluminum
Unlock Cost 1,800 Bytes

The Oxygenator is an oxygen generation item in Astroneer that allows players to expand their oxygen and power network using Tethers when placed on Vehicles, Platforms or the starting Shelter. It will supply Oxygen and Power to any connected tethers and to any platforms connected with network cables.


Output Input Module
Oxygenator Aluminum
Small Printer


  • Oxygenators are an important item to take when traveling to another planet, as it supplies oxygen to connected tethers for players who wish to explore or do some underground mining.
  • Oxygenators are also recommended for players who wish to build large bases where parts of the base are not connected to the Shelter. An oxygenator placed on a platform could easily fulfill the need for tether use.
  • Shuttles have a slot meant for an oxygenator, marked with a blue hologram of an oxygenator. This allows players to set up tether networks on other planets early on without needing to bring a platform for the oxygenator to sit on.



  • The electroluminescent cables bordering the edge of every platform and power cable light up pale blue to indicate that Oxygen and Power are currently being shared via Tether-style connections. It's possible to tell on a glance whether Oxygen will be received from a specific platform this way.