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The Xenobiology Lab is the intact wreckage of the ESS Triton. The lab includes a Lab Records & Analysis panel that provides background on the lab and the snails. Entries in the log unlock as more missions are completed. The lab also has a cable plug and an attachment slot used in the missions.


The Xenobiology Lab is spawned in using the Strange Object rewarded from the Bait & Switch mission. When using the Strange Object, a portal will appear and a few seconds later the lab will materialize, as will a small field of debris surrounding the module.


The Xenobiology Lab is used to complete the Galastropod missions.

Data Log Entries

Dr. Iness Yoh, Personal Files


  • My research continues en route to Luubos Prime. This is my first time working with the natal specimens before they've undergone environmental adaptation. All seven Galastropods remain in good health. Nothing substantial to report.

    On a personal note: I question the value of our current mission. Extensive research has already been provided on Galastropoda aptum and I fail to see the added value that exposure to Luubos Prime will bring. EXO's solutions for containment are questionable at best, turning a species with such invasive qualities into house pets.

    Additionally, crewman Nao has taken to spending all his free hours in the nursery, interrupting my work. His insipid cooing and insistence on naming them is irritating. I dread the hours he's not on shift.

  • Entry 2: PROGRESS

  • Despite my best efforts, Rogal continues to escape from his terrarium in favor of taking up space in my coat pocket. I fear I have spoiled him one too many times with our walks around the ship. The little ones have taken over my lab.

    Increasing personal interaction has resulted in extremely positive results. Much as I hate to admit it, the snails do seem happier and I find myself strangely energized once they've all been fed and sorted. I even caught Usagi singing this morning.

    Nao will never let me live this down. I will have to settle our bet the next time he's free. His team has been extremely busy charting a course towards the anomaly our scanners picked up. I do hope he finds time to drop by the nursey soon.

  • Entry 3: CONCLUSIONS

  • I may have been a bit hasty in my initial assessments regarding the Galastropods. I can understand why EXO Dynamics sought to integrate them into society rather than exterminate them--the temporary physical improvements they provide to their caretakers is an objectively beneficial increase.

    I have yet to quantify the more permanent positive effects they've had on my productivity and mood. I must admit I am glad for our temporary course diversion from Luubos Prime. I find myself strangely excited and anxious to expose the little ones to that planet. It will inevitably change them. I can only hope for the better.

    Nao will no doubt laugh at me for this. Whatever he needs must be urgent. I can hear him calling me again.

  • Entry 4: S.O.S

  • This will be my final entry. The Triton is under attack.

    I am the only one left.

    I've sealed the nursery, but it won't be long before they find me. Nao called to me earlier...or whatever that thing is pretending to be Nao did. There's no way off the ship for me, but I've set the command to jettison the nursery. All that's left is to push the button.

    If you're reading this, please take care of these little ones. I cannot save the Triton, but maybe I can save them.

  • Snail Data

    Galastropoda aptum

  • Origin planet: Unknown

    Galastropoda aptum is an invasive species that was first discovered in 0256 N.C.E. While their origin planet is unknown, Galastropod eggs hitch rides on "nursery comets" until such a time that they crash into or encounter more solid ground for hatching. Young Galastropods quickly adapt to the planetary environmental conditions they're exposed to, presenting a variety of features when fully grown to help them survive in nearly any circumstances.

  • Evolutionary Effects

  • Evolutionary Galastropod physiology is known to hijack a neurological response in the orbitofrontal cortex of other beings, ensuring the care and survival of the species. In response to the interaction and food given to them, Galastropods provide their protectors with temporary positive effects and influences.
  • Befriending

  • Galastropods are known to be playful and mischievous creatures. They enjoy music, dancing, and interaction. When approaching a Galastropod for companionship, their social behavior must be considered. EXO Dynamics recommends gently coaxing them out of hiding and then attempting to appease the Galastropod's whims. It may take several tries at playing with a Galastropod before it will allow itself to be places within a Terrarium.
  • Caretaking

  • EXO Dynamics recommends that all Galastropods are kept securely within terrariums, both to ensure Galastropod safety and to restrict the species from becoming a detrimental ecological force. A contained and well-fed Galastropod is a happy Galastropod.
  • Specimens

    Galastropoda sylva // Sylvie

    A brave and curious companion who emits light from their body when well fed. Sylvie illuminates the darkest of places no matter where they reside.

    Galastropoda desolo // Usagi

    An adventurous and playful companion who is an expert at finding shiny things when well fed. Usagi will happily help point out places to check out on any planet you're on, no matter where she resides.

    Galastropoda calidor // Stilgar

    A resilient companion who lets you breathe easily on any adventure when well fed. Stilgar is a spicy addition to any backpack: THE AIR MUST FLOW!

    Galastropoda vesania // Princess

    A tough companion who will shield you from the harshest environments when well fed. Princess won't let you come to harm while she's riding in your backpack.

    Galastropoda novus // Rogal

    A mysterious and powerful companion who energizes technology when well fed. Rogal generates a surprising amount of power for one so small, no matter where they reside.

    Galastropoda glacia // Bestefar

    A grumpy, but diligent companion who enjoys digging when well fed. Bestefar prefers to be attached to the Terrain Tool to do his best work.

    Galastropoda atrox // Enoki

    An easygoing companion with exactly one brain cell who will lift your spirits when well fed. Enoki likes riding in backpacks to help lighten the load you may be carrying.