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The ESS Triton was a space ship in Astroneer. According to Dr. Iness' logs from the Xenobiology Lab, the Triton was on its way to Luubos Prime when it picked up an anomaly and changed course to investigate. On the way to investigate the anomalous reading, the Triton was attacked by unknown assailants. During this, Dr. Iness sealed the lab, with the Galastropods inside, and set it to be jettisoned. After this, the Triton was destroyed, with the lab somehow saved inside of the Strange Object.

It is thought that the Triton held the Liminal Recondite Devices as the lore entries state that the LRDs were recovered from the wreckage of the Triton, and may be the cause of the crash. As the notes imply the research team for the LRDs went insane as a result of the testing.


  • Not much is known about the Triton, although it can be assumed that the Triton was going towards the main solar system, it is unlikely to have to do with the players actions as the quest that gets you the Xenobiology Lab is before the activation of the first gateway chamber, the anomaly detected may have been the dormant Gateway Portal.
  • Although the wreckage of the ESS Triton was likely recovered before the start of the game, as evidenced by the LRDs being scattered before the game started, it is likely along with the Galastropods many research materials were ejected and scattered across the solar system, potentially even while the wreckage was being recovered

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