Small Trumpet Horn

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Small Trumpet Horn Small Trumpet Horn
Small Trumpet Horn.jpg
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Recreational
Crafted at Backpack
Recipe 1x Resin

The Small Trumpet Horn is a recreational item in Astroneer.


Output Input Module
Small Trumpet Horn Resin Backpack


The Small Trumpet Horn can be used to honk at other players while driving around on rovers. Placing it on one of the front or back slots of the rover and pressing the corresponding context keys (for PC: C or V, Xbox: Xbox One - LB or Xbox One - RB, PS4: PS4 - L1 or PS4 - R1, Switch: Switch - L or Switch - R) will activate the horn.

The horn may also be placed in the backpack widget slots and activated with either context key.

While on the ground, the horn may be activated by hovering and pressing the Use key (PC: F, Xbox: Xbox One - Y, PS4: PS4 - Triangle, Switch: Switch - X).

The Xenobiology Mission G. sylva: Terrarium unlocks the schematic for the Small Trumpet Horn for free.