Patch 1.9.8

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Patch 1.9.8
Patch 1.9.8.png
Version Number
Game Stage Release
Release Date January 24, 2020
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
Other Patches
Previous Patch Patch 1.8.64
Next Patch Patch 1.10.9


Hot Swap Functionality

Players can now swap the current held item when placing an item on a currently occupied slot when clicked. If there is no empty slot, then the item your cursor is hovering over will be swapped with the item you are holding!

Updated shreddable objects

Overhauled the properties of existing objects such as debris and platforms so that everything of large (Tier 3) size or smaller can be shredded to unify the shredding behavior of crafted objects and debris items to be consistent across the entire size set. Players now have a reliable way to remove objects from the game for scrap or to reduce clutter

  • Medium Shredder: Shreds all T1 Objects
  • Large Shredder: Shreds all T2 & T1 Objects
  • XL Shredder: Shreds all T3, T2, & T1 Objects

Air Controls

Players can now toggle between roll or yaw vehicle controls mid-air by pressing the corresponding input:

  • Left Shift key on keyboard
  • XBONE_X on Xbox controller
  • PS4_Square on PS4 controller

Augment Power Toggle

Augments placed on the terrain tool can be toggled on or off via the corresponding use input while you have an augment highlighted:

  • F key on keyboard
  • XBONE_X on Xbox controller
  • PS4_Square on PS4 controller

Low Storage UI

On Xbox and PC, if a save fails for any reason you should now see a popup notifying you of it. The pause menu will display error information about the last failed save. If it fails to save on quit, it will abort the quit, notify you that the save failed, and prompt you again to see if you want to cancel the quit or actually quit.

  • On Xbox and Windows 10, there's an indication on the list of saved games that shows up if your save storage space is nearly full.
  • On Xbox and Windows 10, if an individual save file is getting close to the limit for save storage, then a warning will be shown in the pause menu while that save file is loaded.

Choose Language UI

Players can now change the displayed language in-game via the options menu.

Return To Shelter

Added a new menu option in the Quit tab of the main menu that allows you to return to your starting shelter! Use this to get out of sticky situations where your new save point has your save soft locked.

Performance Optimizations

  • [Several tasks] Heavily optimized Unreal’s replication graph and added the Net-dormancy concept to many object types in order to cut down multiplayer lag/replication time by, depending on game state and save, up to a factor of 11 (This will be further improved with future revisions as we will add Dormancy to more object types)
  • Optimized power system to now work fully time-sliced and async, thus saving up to 70% Game Thread time
  • Optimized Entity Component system bookkeeping loops to only run when needed
  • Optimized wind and solar panels to update in a time-sliced manner, thus having a fixed performance footprint instead of scaling linearly
  • Optimized some expensive loops in VoxelVolume component that handle the finding of relevant nodes for all viewers (i.e. players)
  • Optimized the Researchable entity-component loop to now also operate time-sliced at a fixed cost
  • Optimized the way we handle Gravity.


Hotfix 1.9.91

Release Date: February 5, 2020

Patch Notes:

  • Added a party hat to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Astroneer.
  • Crash fixes