Patch 1.12.95

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Camera Drone & Dedicated Server Update
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Version Number
Game Stage Release
Release Date May 26, 2020
Official Notes Patch Notes on Reddit
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Previous Patch Patch 1.11.61
Next Patch Patch 1.13.121


Creative Mode Drone

Players in Creative Mode now have access to Aero, the Camera Drone that enables ‘photo mode’! The Drone has a ‘free camera’ mode that allows the player to control and position a camera independently of the character. The player is able to prepare composed screenshots (both with filters and hidden UI). Use your Aero to show off creative mode work, create videos, or capture screenshots of your Astroneer shenanigans.

Using the Drone does not pause the game, and the player is able to freely toggle back and forth between Drone and character movement, while leaving the Drone’s view-port active. This can provide a steady perspective while working on large-scale sculptures, or a director's cam while your Astroneer performs on the grand stage.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are now live in Astroneer! You can purchase them from our official server partner, Nitrado, (link to purchase coming later) or host your own using these steps: (Astroneer host your own server instructions here) This also means that Astroneer now supports cross play (Xbox - Windows 10 - Steam) and up to 8 players when playing on official dedicated servers.

Some details about this dedicated servers in Astroneer:

  • Nitrado servers are the only way to play on a server and still unlock cosmetics, unlock achievements and enable cross play.
  • We are evaluating cross play for PS4 and hope to add that functionality at a later date.
  • Host your own servers will receive all the same updates as the main game
  • We will be offering support for host your own servers, but only related to gameplay issues. We cannot troubleshoot issues with local networks, firewalls, ports, hardware etc...
  • We don't currently have a Linux version of the dedicated server software

Performance Optimizations

  • Fixed bug that could cause performance to tank for clients in multiplayer games, especially on PS4.
  • Heavily optimized animation and character movement updates to improve performance, especially in multiplayer games with high player counts.
  • Various performance improvements to gameplay systems.
  • Various stability fixes.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed as of version

We fixed over 150 bugs since our last update, including the following:


  • After the outro, station now reverts to the correct location and clients are able to successfully travel to the station
  • Client's loading bar will now reflect player’s loading progress correctly when joining an MP session
  • Clients and Hosts see same VFX when digging up hazards besides poppers
  • Drills can now be detached from a crane by either player in a multiplayer session
  • Players cannot earn achievements in creative mode, even in a dedicated server session
  • Client is able to use the Research Chamber while in a dedicated server session
  • Client will no longer see a variety of items floating in the air when slotted while the client exits relevance
  • Client performance over time should now stay at 30fps
  • Users who install the Windows Update (KB4550945) can now save their game
  • Terrain that was destroyed by dynamite at a far distance stays destroyed no matter the distance