Patch 1.27.264

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Awakening Update
Patch 1.27.264.png
Version Number
Game Stage Release
Release Date January 25, 2023
Official Notes Patch Notes on Reddit
Other Patches
Previous Patch Patch 1.26.128


An Awakening

Hello. I wanted to be sure you saw this. We will talk soon. Please pay attention when we meet. The task I have for you is very important.

You must finish all other priority missions beforehand. I will find you when you are ready. Do not worry. You will know when it is time.

New Mission Chain

Per Astroneer[ERROR!#00] Protocol, recruits are expected to complete the following missions in preparation for this new endeavor:

Please consult your EXO-certified mission log to verify your completion of these missions.

Fault Finders & Advanced Trade

Once [ERROR#%//HELP] has been completed, Fault Finder items can be crafted and deployed. Fault Finders which are activated and used to store a [ERROR//%!DENIED] can be used on the Trade Platform for the acquisition of extremely valuable or enjoyable items.

UX Improvements

Printer Control Panel Updates

Control Panels on the Small, Medium, and Large Printers have been updated with category-based navigation. Items are now grouped into separate rows, matching their grouping within the Catalog.

Location and Travel Notifications

When entering a region on a planet, a location notification will briefly appear at the top of the screen. The current location can be redisplayed by opening the compass.

A travel notification will also appear at the top of the screen when traveling to a different planet.


Stabilizations have been made to the camera when launching a shuttle into orbit, or traveling between planets.

Creative Mode Catalog Additions

The Beach Ball (Recreational Sphere variant) and multiple color variations of the Fireworks item have been added to the Catalog, and can be found within the second Creative Mode item category.

Astroneer's Fourth Anniversary

Wow! It's been almost four years since 1.0… can you believe it?! This February, we’ve got a celebratory cosmetic to share with players, from our hearts to your head. Log in during the month of February to unlock exclusive cosmetic items!

Store- New Items Available Now!

​New Limited Time Bundle – the Tychomancy Bundle! It’s a divine outcome for fashionable spacefarers!

Includes: Heaven-scent mask, Astrolabe hat, Space Magic Palette

  • New Palette: Daydream palette
  • New Visor: Cloudy visor
  • New Emote: Thank You emote - Thank you, Astroneer Community, for your love and support!
    • Redeem this free emote in EXO Outfitters.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed as of version

  • Repeater Segment Pins Are Now Usable After Reaching a Certain Range
  • The camera will no longer collide with things while flying between planets
  • The hoverboard should be the same volume for clients
  • The Large Solar Panel is now outputting 8 U/ s, in line with its description
  • The camera will no longer jitter when flying between planets
  • Copyright date in opening credits has been updated from 2022 to 2023
  • The Overachiever Palette should now unlock when completing all the tasks
  • Some Dev folders are no longer visible in Game Files in Shipping Builds
  • Some Dev folders are no longer visible in Game Files in Shipping Builds
  • Some Dev folders are no longer visible in Game Files in Shipping Builds
  • Several items can no longer have pieces removed by other items while slotted
  • The Trade Platform's Rocket Can No Longer Be Unattached in Creative Mode
  • Leaving relevance and relaunching the game while a Portable Smelter is running will no longer put it in a broken state
  • Skybreaker activation effect is now properly aligned to the object when triggered via the Astroneer's Backpack Aux Slots
  • Debris Items 'Debris_Wreckage_Hatch' are no longer missing a tooltip
  • Engine-uity Mission Description is no longer misleading in French
  • Skybreaker tooltip is no longer oriented vertically when auto-selected with controller in many cases
  • Storage Canisters will now push or pull resources to or from slots on the Spaceport
  • The Trade Platform's rocket can no longer be pulled onto the Rail Station if it is set to "UNLOADS STOPPED CARS"
  • The end of C.O.L.E.'s description in the catalog is no longer cut off in several languages, omitting the power requirements
  • Overachiever palette can now be unlocked by obtaining all other cosmetics earned through Achievements
  • Fixed some instances where some saves would crash upon loading
  • Icon for the field shelter will now go away if it is packaged or destroyed
  • Clients will now see the explosion VFX for the boomalloon when triggered via proximity
  • Lashvines, Cataplants and, Lashleaves can no longer target the user when they are driving a Tractor
  • Several interactions will no longer become broken when shift clicking certain items
  • Main Menu music will no longer persist after loading a save before the actual in game music begins playing
  • Shift clicking a terrain tool augment will now prioritize an empty terrain tool slot over the backpack (This also affect printing and quick-stow)
  • Clients' oxygen line no longer appears behind the user in several vehicles. Dropship, VTOL, Tractor
  • When a user is in the solar view the Gateway Station is no longer displayed twice

The following is still a known issue as of version

  • Resources created by Portable Smelter that are pushed to an open slot have no tooltip
  • Rare Client crash on DS where having a train either enter or leave relevancy on a client’s request can cause a Crash
  • Host's performance degrades when a client joins when certain Rail Missions are active
  • Entering the shuttle while on the gateway station immediately puts client in solar view
  • Switch users have no way in-game to track achievement progress
  • The Client's compass is completely empty in a community save
  • Client's compass will be completely empty after teleporting to any planet from the station
  • Physical LTE rewards can only be claimed once per machine
  • Lowering the Frame Limit increases camera mouse sensitivity
  • The Research Chamber can get into a bad state when a resource is placed there from the output slot of another module
  • Packagers show the green indicator light when they are connected to Medium or Large Resource Canisters that have their first resource added to them
  • Snail Shell specific decorators cannot be destroyed with a client's vehicle drill/paver
  • Jump Jet/Hoverboard Combo Leaves Player Hanging in Air after Running Out of Fuel
  • No navpoints are visible on compass except for one vehicle on Dedicated Server
  • Ending Cutscene audio is slightly out of sync with visuals on Xbox
  • Beacons hang in air from clients perspective when in other players backpack when backpack goes out of relevance
  • Players will sometimes be unable to use F to interact or see tooltips after server travel, loading a save or starting a new game