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The Jet Powered Update
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Version Number
Game Stage Release
Release Date June 22, 2021
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
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Previous Patch Patch 1.19.134
Next Patch Patch 1.21.127



The VTOL is a versatile flying vehicle, capable of hovering in place, or streaking through the sky. Use it to survey for resource deposits from above, skip over treacherous terrain, or navigate the vertical depths of planetary cave systems.

Item Information


The Hoverboard lets you glide over the terrain with ease, both downhill and up, without a pesky reliance on gravity to keep you moving. Speed up travel along your existing tether lines or bring some power and oxygen along for journeys into the unknown. Just make sure to stick those landings if you want to avoid painful interruptions. Pro Tip: Pair it with a Solid-Fuel Jump Jet!

Item Information

Leveling Block in Adventure Mode

This item can now be printed in Adventure Mode. It has the same function as in Creative Mode, but with limited uses.

Item Information

New Missions

New missions have been added for investigating experimental EXO Dynamics data. Curious Astroneers will navigate to Desolo and Vesania to recover this information and synthesize schematics for crafting new vehicles!

Compass navpoints have been integrated to aid in locating mission-critical points of interest:

Data Recorders

  • Unique EXO Caches that must be located and “turned off” to activate their paired MAT processing station.

MATs (Material Analysis Transmitters)

  • Processing and broadcast hubs that consume various requests to determine optimal construction methods for vehicle schematics. May require a wide variety of materials for proper analysis… and are also somewhat unstable.

EXO Chips

A new rare resource has been added that can be found on all planets contained in secure EXO Caches.

These secure containers can be destroyed with dynamite, releasing an EXO Chip on destruction.
Found on all planets, use your compass to track down their locations.

Recipe Updates

New Recipe: 1x EXO Chip
New Recipe: 1x EXO Chip, 1x Steel
New Recipe: 1x EXO Chip, 1x Rubber
New Recipe: 1x EXO Chip, 1x Tungsten, 1x Iron
New Recipe: 1x EXO Chip, 1x Tungsten Carbide, 1x Iron
New Recipe: 2x EXO Chip, 1x Tungsten Carbide, 1x Steel
New Recipe: 1x EXO Chip, 1x Tungsten Carbide, 1x Rubber, 1x Steel
New Recipe: 2x EXO Chip, 1x Aluminum Alloy, 1x Rubber
New Recipe: 2x EXO Chip, 1x Titanium Alloy, 1x Ceramic

Debris and Scrap Adjustments

Large Station Debris – Adjustments have been made to the type of items that can be found in large station debris found on all planets. In general items found in these larger debris items should be more useful and valuable.

Debris Scrap Values – The scrap generated from shredding debris has been universally increased.

Thruster Tooltips

Tooltips for shuttles and thrusters have been updated to display real-time fuel levels and launch capacity.

EXO Automated Mass Production Protocol

The Automated Mass Production Protocol has been re-initiated! EXO Dynamics is once again asking Astroneers to provide large amounts of resource nuggets via the Request Platform.

Progress occurs in stages, with a different resource requested at each stage. Points are only given for the stage you’re currently on – cooperation is encouraged for efficiency! Ship off your goods for unique cosmetics and goodies along the way.

EXO Dynamics rewards contributions with:

  • “AMPP Throwback” Bundle – Rewarded for completing the Compound Stage Contains cosmetics rewarded from the previous year:
  • “VR Vision” (Mask)
  • “Gearhead” (Hat)
  • “Metal Gear” (Visor)
  • NEW “Copper Plate” Palette – Rewarded for completing the Aluminum Stage
  • NEW “Cogpiece” Mask – Rewarded for completing the Aluminum Alloy Stage
  • Useful incremental rewards along the way and randomized recurring rewards at the end of the event by submitting Astronium – including QT-RTGs & EXO Chips!

Store – New Items Available Now!

New Bundle

  • Pride Visor Bundle! This bundle is free for all players, just enter Exo Outfitters to claim <3

New Suits

  • Tough Suit

New Emotes

  • Gun Show Emote
  • Imaginate Emote

New Hats

  • Head Lights Hat
  • Long Haul Hat

New Mask

  • Horned Mask
  • Spiked Mask

New Palettes

  • On Grid Palette
  • Scarab Palette
  • Carbon Fiber Palette


  • Added lights to dynamite to help indicate detonation timing
  • Narrow mod deform speed has been adjusted down, so that it can be more easily used with the leveling block
  • Wanderer Probes can no longer be winched.
  • Light position on seats has been adjusted to increase visibility.
  • It is now much easier to stop a slide by moving backwards (braking).
  • Sliding is slightly less likely to occur when sprinting down gentle slopes.


The following are known issues as of

  • User cannot blow up objects if they have more than one piece of dynamite attached to it
  • Data Recorder can only be blown up if dynamite is attached to it. Setting off an explosion nearby will not complete the mission objective

The following bugs have been fixed as of version


  • Lowered the QT-RTG audio by 10 decibels to make it closer match the volume of the Tier 2 RTG


  • Fixed a bug for clients where items attached to the terrain tool would disappear after quitting the game with the terrain tool out.
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips for the worklight were not uniform between hosts and clients.


  • Fixed a bug where players on some platforms were not able to unlock the “EXO Dynamics Solar System Mastery” Achievement.
  • Fixed a bug where PS4 players would not unlock the Overachiever palette when completing the “EXO Dynamics Solar System Mastery” trophy.

Landing Zones

  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes have no landing spots on Glacio. Raised the minimum number of spots from 1 to 12 and included the “Sheets” biome in the allowed list of landing locations.
  • Fixed a bug where landing spots on or near a gateway could cause players to softlock during the landing sequence.


  • Field Shelter can now be picked up and moved after being deployed.
  • Fixed an issue where inactive chamber navpoints would rapidly change positions on the compass when using gateway teleportation.
  • Fixed a bug where reaction slots on the XL Sensor Arch were doubled, allowing two T1 items to be slotted into the same slot.
  • Fixed a bug where drillable T1 items could fall out of the backpack when terrain is deformed while they are slotted.
  • The Chemistry Lab will now auto-pull from the backpack when you click the print button. If the repeat button is selected, it will continue pulling from the backpack until the control panel is closed. However, if the machine is already crafting when you open the control panel, it will not pull resources from your backpack.
  • The probe scanner can now pick up already unlocked probes.
  • Large round porous rocks on Vesania can now be destroyed with a drill. They will no longer wiggle when unburied and should despawn based on the standard timer.
  • Disabled the large button of the mission control panel while supply drop is in progress to avoid weirdness when players try to spam claiming mission rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where the blurred background when viewing Astropedia pages did not cover the entire screen on console platforms.
  • Fixed some weirdness with storage not auto-pulling properly when using multiple connected cars.
  • Fixed a bug where the Soil Centrifuge would clip into the ground when picked up
  • Fixed a bug where players could become stuck in the starting shelter if something blocked the exit
  • Fixed a bug where the red locking bolts on the Large Extended Platform were not animating when switching states between Locked and Unlocked
  • Fixed a bug where lighting could become very dark at certain camera angles
  • The Apollo Lunar Module is now indestructible
  • Cleaned up the physics on particle effects from explosions


  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when joining a dedicated server with 6 or more players from PlayStation 4.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when joining a dedicated server from a save.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur on a dedicated server when a user starts a new game.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on PlayStation 4 due to players having a very large friends list. The number of friends that will be displayed in the game is now limited to 250, with joinable friends being prioritized


  • Fixed an issue where the description for the mission “There’s Something Out There” was not properly localized for non-English supported languages
  • Fixed an issue where the description for the Medium Battery was not properly localized for non-English supported languages
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for Novus was listing the incorrect resources in Spanish
  • Fixed a typo in the French translation of the Red Card emote
  • Fixed an error in the Japanese translation for the Trade Platform


  • Fixed a bug on the EXO Request Platform where an arrow on the control panel progress bar was not very visible due to being the same color as the background
  • Changing resolutions in the Options menu should now show the full list of available resolutions, not just those for the currently set aspect ratio


Hotfix 1.20.274

Release Date: July 8, 2021

Updates and Tuning

  • Increased likelihood of getting 2 or 3 EXO chips from an EXO Cache
  • Dynamite can now spawn on wrecked rovers and platform POIs
  • Increased server bandwidth limits, which should result in improved connection and load times on dedicated servers
  • Improved terrain performance on dedicated servers
  • Hoverboard and VTOL now appear in the catalog with the explainer that Mission completion is required to unlock them
  • Updated some of the mission description text to make objective requirements clearer


The following are still known issues as of version

  • There may still be some instances where mission objects don’t spawn on Vesania or Desolo, however in these cases the mission objectives should auto-complete to avoid being unable to complete the mission.
  • There are a few item and resource tooltips in the tutorial that are missing translations for non-English languages

The following bugs have been fixed as of version

Vehicle Missions

  • Vehicle Data Recorders and EXO Caches can now be blown up by dynamite that is not directly attached to it
  • Players whose Data Recorders and MATs fail to spawn should now have their objective auto-complete to unstick their mission progress
  • Updated some of the mission description text to make objective requirements clearer


  • Fixed a bug where objects would not be destroyed by dynamite if detonated with more than one piece of dynamite attached
  • Fixed a bug in the hologram tooltips for Wolframite and Titanite, which incorrectly stated they were produced by a smelting furnace
  • Fixed a spelling error in English in the mission objective for the “Through the Looking Glass” mission
  • Fixed a bug where several mission descriptions and objectives were missing their non-English translations
  • Fixed some resource translation errors across several languages


  • Fixed an issue with the VTOL where the camera would clip through when landing on a non-terrain surface
  • Fixed a bug where the VFX on the VTOL thrusters were slightly misaligned while flying
  • Fixed the VTOL tooltip to be more centered on the VTOL object
  • The VTOL can no longer take off when not on a planet
  • Starting Medium printers now include the VTOL after it is unlocked
  • The VTOL no longer floats in place after being deactivated while flying, and no longer loses all of its forward momentum when it falls
  • Held inputs will now reset when a player exits the VTOL