Patch 1.1.2

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Patch 1.1.2
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Version Number
Game Stage Release
Release Date May 10, 2019
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
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Previous Patch Patch 1.0.15
Next Patch Patch 1.2.8


Extra Large Shredder has been added to the game! Tired of wrecked Rovers and smashed Research Chambers littering the landscape? Changed your mind about that fourth Smelter in your base? Worry no more, because the new EXO Dynamics Extra Large Shredder is here to clean up the mess! This powerful machine takes on your larger pieces (or many smaller items) with the greatest of ease. Just be sure to have a big enough platform to fit this beast - only the Extra Large will do.

The Extra Large Shredder will recycle the following objects into Scrap:

The Extra Large Shredder can be made with the following recipe:

Extra Large Platform C has been added to the Catalog. This new platform is the largest platform currently available from EXO Dynamics. It is able to fit either 4 Large items or 1 Extra Large item PLUS 2 Large items. Hook up a pair of Smelters and fill up an Extra Large Storage, or slap on a new Extra Large Shredder and a Large Storage and Trade Platform - ready to trade some Scrap for useful resources!

The Extra Large Platform C can be created with the following recipe:

  • Printed from: Large Printer
  • Resource Cost: 2 Iron, 2 Steel
  • Byte Cost: 5000

We have updated the Mantle layers of Vesania, Calidor, and Glacio with beautiful new flora, as well as Research Samples and Research Items. This shouldn't impact your current bases much, except you might have to dig up a few new plants or harvestables! Be sure to check out these planet's new underground layers!

Added a customization preview to the main menu! Players are now able to preview suits, color palettes, and emotes before starting a new game or joining another player.

  • Players will be able to preview both locked and unlocked items.
  • Locked content now have tooltips that help guide players on how to unlock those items.
  • Preview will highlight newly unlocked content after the criteria has been met.

We have increased the byte costs of all “non-starter” Catalog items by 25%. This is in response to the adjustments made to lower research times and raise the byte value of all Research items across the game. Overall we find that getting bytes faster means that you can unlock the things you want quicker, but this ensures you don't just breeze through and unlock everything!

This includes:

General Updates

  • Rover Auxiliary slot controls now correctly adapt to the direction the Rover seat is facing.
  • Client Players in Multiplayer games can now impact Zebra, Leo, and Checker Balls with rovers.
  • Structures in the center of every planet and moon now supply free oxygen
  • Tuned transition speed of getting in and out of all kinds of seats to feel better

Performance Optimizations

  • Implemented an object spawning optimization that will make objects perform better overall.
  • Optimized our foliage system to improve performance for planet decorators and resource deposits
  • A slew of optimizations for the power system. Power infrastructure will perform much better as it scales up!
  • Continued work on the tether system! Significantly optimized tether lines to reduce their impact on performance when large tether networks are present
  • The loading screen would sometimes fail to stop playing in the background, causing performance to drop overall. This has been fixed!
  • Made a change related to occlusion that makes areas with dense decorators run much much better.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed as of version

  • After a long absence, mysterious sphere variations have returned to the solar system! But beware, a few may have been hiding in plain sight all along among previously collected versions. These Heretics have been revealed.
  • Fixed a crash caused after joining a multiplayer session a few times.
  • Fixed a major issue in the Terran 2.0 code that caused seams to appear between biomes of different hardness levels. Seams that have already been exposed in saved games may persist, but new ones will not be created.
  • Fixed a bug where Tether lines are always lit for Client players in Multiplayer games.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Tethers to continue to supply oxygen even when the platform they are connected to was disconnected from an oxygen source.
  • Printing animation for the backpack should now accurately match the speed of resource consumption for all items.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Small Generators to lose their hologram after the first resource was consumed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Client player wasn’t able to see ditches in the terrain that the Host could see on Vesania.
  • Fixed a bug where the Client player could not interact with any object after quitting the game while in a vehicle.
  • The printing head for the medium printer will no longer continue to print after a large storage has been successfully printed.
  • Fixed a customization bug with the Bio Suit which would cause missing elements to appear when using the Galactic Palette
  • Fixed a tagging issue where the Puzzle Box tops were labeled incorrectly as “Detritus.”
  • Power Columns on the medium battery now correctly reflect battery charge
  • Client players should now be able to see Chambers when in orbit of any planet.
  • Added the correct icon to Exo Crates that require Nanocarbon Alloy.
  • Fixed a Multiplayer bug that occured when Client players deformed under Tether posts. The Tether lines would appear disconnected from the Client players’ point of view.
  • Fixed a bug where tether networks were not being automatically supplied with oxygen after connecting the oxygenator.
  • Terrain tool should no longer cause nearby decorators to fall through the terrain.

Audio Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug that halted SFX when loading soil into the Soil Centrifuge.
  • Rover sound effects should now scale and transition more smoothly.
  • Research Items should now have audio when being picked up, dropped, and when hitting the ground.
  • Fixed a bug with single Tether not having audio when being dropped.
  • Players should now hear audio when standing in front of a geyser on elevated terrain.
  • Wind SFX now smoothly transitions when moving into a new biome on Glacio.


Hotfix 1.1.3

Release Date: May 23, 2019

Patch Notes:

  • Fixes infinite hanging with the game on all platforms.


  • This update was originally released on an experimental branch (EXO Flight Test, or EFT) in Steam on May 3, 2019, available only to those who opt-in through the steam option menu for Astroneer.