Patch 1.0

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Patch 1.0
Version Number
Game Stage Release
Release Date February 6, 2019
Official Notes Link to Trello Roadmap
Other Patches
Previous Patch Patch 0.10.5
Next Patch Patch 1.0.4

Patch 1.0 is the official release patch for Astroneer. It was released on February 6, 2019, and includes many new features and improvements, also marking the end of Early Access.


All information below is derived from the #leeksoup channel on the official Discord and the official Twitter.

Terrain 2.0 Technology

Refactor of the current terrain system. Enables performance improvements, diverse biomes with variable density, and a richer distribution of resources. Includes 7 new Planets, replacing the old ones.

New Introductory Planet. A new Tutorial planet, with an all new tutorial experience.

General Changes

  • Wind Refactor - New wind system
  • 6 New vehicles and shuttles
  • 12 New items and modules
  • Update to movement of objects and modules
  • The Gateway Network system
  • New points of interest, EXO wrecks and other discoveries
  • Puzzle system and 3 new puzzle types
  • 6 New hazard types
  • Achievement system for Steam, Win10 and Xbox
  • Player Customization system
    • 7 New suits, 15 new color palettes, 3 new visor colors
    • 12 New dances and emotes
  • User Interface update