Patch 182

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Patch 182
Patch 182.jpg
Version Number 0.3.10182.0
Game Stage Pre-Alpha
Release Date May 26, 2017
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
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Next Patch Patch 189


  • Steam now automatically uploads crash logs.
  • Backpack visual design has been updated and new animations applied.
  • Item names have been updated to better reflect their size. (e.g. Medium Rover, Large Rover, etc.).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed input inconsistencies in the Control Menu.
  • When exiting a Shuttle docked at the Vehicle Bay, the Astroneer should no longer become stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where certain objects were still appeared gray after a saved game was reloaded.
  • Fixed an issue with solar panels failing to charge after loading a previously saved game.
  • Fixed a minor art overlap with the Research module hologram and research chests.
  • Even more rocks now despawn after being dug up.
  • Decorators no longer spawn on deformed terrain.
  • Vehicles no longer automatically eject Astroneers.
  • Decorators now clean up appropriately when a module is built on top of them.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where space station launch buttons would stop working.
  • Fixed an issue where Dropships would remain on a planet if a player's game crashes mid-travel.
  • Fixed an issue where deform tools would be left behind in saved games that were generated in Multiplayer.
  • Smelters no longer generate partial resources.
  • Fixed an issue with objects floating as a player moves away from them.
  • Gas Bag explosions audio now plays correctly in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed issues with the Drill Head that prevented terrain deformation.
  • Fixed an issue where Seats printed by the Vehicle Bay could not be removed from Rovers.
  • Fixed minor audio issue with the Backpack printer.
  • Items ejected from Backpacks can once again be picked up by players in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed Winch cable issues in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed crashing issues caused by broken landing zones in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed several issues where item input indicators were missing in Multiplayer.
  • Fix an issue where player color differentiation did not persist after loading a saved game.
  • Gas bags in caves now despawn after being destroyed.