Patch 153

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Augment & Research Curve Update
Version Number 0.3.10153.0
Game Stage Pre-Alpha
Release Date April 21, 2017
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
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New Features

  • Added tool augment system: Augment items can be attached to tools (starting with terrain tool) to upgrade or change behavior
  • Terrain Tool can now be interacted with when backpack is open in order to slot in augments.
  • New unlockable augment items!
    • Terrain Analyzer: Collect terrain of a particular material/color until meter is full. Once meter is full, adding terrain will use the equipped color, and subtracting terrain will filter on the equipped color.
    • Wide Mod: Increases the size of the terrain tool brush while decreasing intensity.
    • Narrow Mod: Decreases the size of the terrain tool brush while increasing intensity.
    • Inhibitor Mod: Shuts down functionality. Applied to terrain tool, turns off adding/subtracting terrain, but maintains color changes and harvesting.
  • Complete overhaul of equipment unlock progression. Specific equipment unlocks are now dependent on researching certain types of chests while retaining some randomization.
  • Steeper difficulty curve: Fewer types of equipment are available at the beginning of a new game, requiring more chests to be recovered and researched to acquire everything.
  • Research chests are less common overall.

General Updates

  • Hydrazine no longer tradeable at trade module.
  • Backpack now opens to one side, if space is clear, to support tool interactions, and clear the view ahead.
  • Backpack gets illuminated when opened to aid visibility in dark areas.
  • Default terrain tool brush size and intensity adjusted.
  • Terrain tool now adds grey terrain when no augment mod equipped.
  • Terrain brush now indicates color
  • Added an interaction indicator between the Astroneer and held items.
  • In multiplayer, the indicators of other players are now visible and receive the accent color of that player.
  • Dynamite explosion power and radius now increases when multiple dynamite sticks are packed together.
  • Mellowed out camera behavior when backpack or terrain tool is out.
  • Updated vehicle code to increase stability.
  • Added new VFX for deformations.

Bug Fixes

  • Several significant improvements to key physics systems to improve CPU perf.
  • Fixed crash on load of some saved games.
  • Fix many objects falling through the world when unattended.
  • Fixed foliage floating in air after dynamite explosion.
  • Fix tethers disappearing on quick-stow if top-left backpack bundle is full.
  • Fix tethers not being placeable while sprinting.
  • Fix Astroneer's head remaining cocked until cursor is moved to a forward position.
  • Fix auxiliary slot items not automatically equipping to backpack auxiliary slots when printed.
  • Fix item unlock messages not replicating to all clients in MP.
  • Fix various MP desync issues.