Patch 1.6.49

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The Groundwork Update
Patch 1.6.49.jpg
Version Number
Game Stage Release
Release Date October 24, 2019
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
Other Patches
Previous Patch Patch 1.5.8
Next Patch Patch 1.7.55


The following updates have been made to the game:


Medium Soil Canister

Vehicle In-Air Stabilization and Manual Controls

  • Rovers automatically self-correct their rotation while airborne and are much less prone to flipping over
  • You can also manually adjust the Pitch and Yaw/Roll of rovers while airborne using WASD/Left-Joystick
  • Control over Yaw or Roll can be toggled in the options menu.

Drill Controls/UI

  • Overhauled to be more consistent with the current Terrain Tool cursor
  • Remains visible when obscured
  • More clearly displays the vertical tilt of the Camera
  • Displays the slope of the rover relative to the ground-plane
  • Displays the amount of available Soil
  • Multiple improvements to feel and responsiveness

Small Trumpet Horn

Medium Buggy Horn

Large Fog Horn

That is right! There are reports coming in from the Sol system that strange new flora are appearing on Atrox! This is a limited time event that runs until 11:59 PST on November 14th!

Granted on login

  • 1 Visor
  • 1 Suit Palette


  • Visor Reward

Performance Optimizations

Fixed a bug where tethers would occasionally cause performance degradation for clients in multiplayer games.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed as of version


  • Fixed a typo in "Connect the Small Generator to the Smelting Furnace to increase its performance".
  • Driving vehicles through Arch Platform, Ring Platforms, and Ring Storage now triggers their reaction slots when they are set up in the same session, and after save/load.
  • Players can no longer print from the diagonal slots of XL Platform B.
  • Decorators are now spawning in the carved out sections of both the Mountains Biome on Radiated and the Hills Biome on Exotic.
  • Player’s tether and tether posts will now connect to all 4 sides of the large curved platform.
  • Shuttle is no longer stuttering in flight after it has been picked up and moved by the player.
  • All planets show the correct primary and secondary resources in Polish
  • T4 Solar Array is now oriented the same as the other items that are printed by the large printer.
  • Rovers Sockets are no longer flipped when loading a game while out of relevance.
  • Chemistry Lab is no longer entering an unusable state when a user saves and reloads right after the chem lab finishes its process.
  • Resources now correctly pop back up when returning into relevance after moving items in storage.
  • Packaging a Soil Centrifuge while it is active will no longer cause a crash.
  • The Hydrazine Jetpack has the correct Russian translations in the tooltip, backpack printer, and research catalog.
  • Drill UI orientation on rovers will no longer offset when the rover is an active physics object
  • Audio now properly ends when the T2 Shelter is packaged. The audio returns when it is unpackaged


  • Shuttles that are stuck in orbit from previous versions, as well as shuttles that are left in orbit by the client in the current version are now destroyed.
  • Customization items will now unlock during multiplayer sessions.