Patch 189

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Patch 189
Patch 189.jpg
Version Number 0.3.10189.0
Game Stage Pre-Alpha
Release Date June 16, 2017
Official Notes Official Patch Notes
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Next Patch Patch 196


Implemented raw logging for join errors in multiplayer games.

Implemented player-facing messages for join errors in multiplayer games.

Multiplayer joining and error logging is still a work in progress, but at the very least you can now troubleshoot when things do go wrong.

Rover center of gravity has been lowered, improving handling.

Rovers still have a way to go, but the center of gravity change will help them to stay a little bit lower to the ground when traversing planets.

Thrusters are now 10x as fun as they were before.

Thrusters are still in the experimental stage, and will likely play a much bigger role when modularity is further along (see below for more details) but for now, use their upgraded thrust at your own peril, or enjoyment ;)

Sprint can now be toggled on the Xbox GamePad by pressing the left thumbstick.

No more broken thumbs. This is also part of the overall control and interaction refactor on the roadmap.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players became stuck inside the Habitat.