Patch 1.11.61

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The Salvage Initiative
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Version Number
Game Stage Release
Release Date April 14, 2020
Official Notes Patch Notes on Reddit
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Previous Patch Patch 1.10.9
Next Patch Patch 1.12.95


EXO Salvage Initiative LTE

Players are being given the opportunity to assist EXO in cleaning up all the debris items that are littered around the planets for permanent cosmetic rewards and in-game goodies.

Of particular interest are any large cargo containers that have gone missing from EXO's manifests – return these for major points! Rumor has it that these fell only on a few planets, but have caused a delightful atmospheric effect…

This event introduces secondary rewards that are delivered to players via a return rocket at the EXO Request Platform.

Event Rewards

  • ““4ML A-TYRE” Hat - Rewarded after achieving 1500 recovery points
  • Turret-a-porter” Mask- Rewarded after achieving 5000 recovery points
  • “Salvage Chic” Palette - Rewarded after achieving 8000 recovery points

Useful incremental and recurring rewards along the way!

This event will be live till June 14th!

Destructive debris generation & resource collection

  • Players are now able to destroy T4 or “massive” debris objects found in the world using Dynamite. Larger debris objects will be reduced to a collection of generic new smaller tier scrap components.
  • Destroying T2 and T3 objects with dynamite also creates a collection of smaller size scrap components.
  • Dynamite can now be used to collect resource nuggets from resource deposits.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed as of version


  • Hazard plants no longer remain floating when detonating dynamite near them
  • Grass decorators no longer remain floating when detonating terrain
  • Resources no longer remain floating when destroying terrain with dynamite.
  • Decorators on non-Terran planets with T1 or T2 research objects attached to them no longer float when they are dug up using dynamite.
  • Player should no longer blow up their own terrain tool
  • Tier 1 items can no longer be destroyed by dynamite if placed directly on top of them
  • Rover Seat, Large Rover Seat, and Crane can be destroyed with dynamite
  • EXO Research Aids base now generates debris when blown up


  • The game no longer severely hitches when the host uses the trade platform for the first time in a session


  • Color palette names are now consistent in Spanish
  • Standard cursor is no longer overlapped by a bigger cursor that is delayed
  • German and Dutch now use "STARTEN" on Exo Request Platform control panel
  • Slotting behavior of items is now consistent when placing them with the cursor
  • Single Tethers, Extenders and Glowsticks can be shredded
  • Power will no longer be drained by EXO Research Aids and debris POIs when power cell is depleted
  • Drills and Pavers no longer enter a bad state when a second drill or paver is packaged on the same AUX slot of an XL Rover
  • The crash that occurred because of seats attached to shuttle storage has been fixed.