Large Extended Platform

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Large Extended Platform Large Extended Platform
Large Extended Platform.png
Tier Large
Group Item
Type Base Building
Crafted at Medium Printer
Recipe 2x Resin
Unlock Cost 500 Bytes

The Large Extended Platform is a platform used for base building in Astroneer.


Output Input Module
Large Extended Platform Resin x2 Medium Printer


The Large Extended Platform is intended to be used with Auto Arms, as their length is specifically designed for the radius and position at which Auto Arms can grab and deposit items.

  • They have two Tier-2 Attachment Slots.
  • They have six Power connection slots that can be used to connect to your base.
  • They can connect to Tethers to provide Oxygen and Power to the player if an Oxygenator is connected through the network.
  • They can be attached to walls and ceilings.