Large Printer Plinth

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Large Printer Plinth Large Printer Plinth
Large Printer Plinth.png
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Creative

The Large Printer Plinth is a creative item in Astroneer, that is used to infinitely spawn any item craftable at the Large Printer.


The Large Printer Plinth is acquired in the Creative Mode Research Catalog, and cannot be acquired in non-creative games.


The Large Printer Plinth can be used to spawn the following items in Creative Mode:

Item Item
Shelter Auto Extractor
Solar Array Extra Large Shredder
Medium Sensor Arch XL Sensor Arch
XL Sensor Canopy Large Sensor Ring
Large Sensor Hoop A Large Sensor Hoop B
XL Sensor Hoop A XL Sensor Hoop B
Extra Large Platform A Extra Large Platform B
Extra Large Platform C Extra Large Curved Platform
XL Extended Platform Figurine Platform
Extra Large Storage Large Rover
Landing Pad Small Shuttle
Medium Shuttle Large Shuttle