Ingredient Plinth

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Ingredient Plinth Ingredient Plinth
Ingredient Plinth.png
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Creative

The Ingredient Plinth is a creative item in Astroneer, that is used to infinitely spawn any resource.


The Ingredient Plinth is acquired in the Creative Mode Research Catalog, and cannot be acquired in non-creative games.


The Ingredient Plinth can be used to spawn every single resource in the game, which can be helpful when you want to use a lot of the same resource or test automations.


Before its introduction in Creative Mode, the Ingredient Plinth used to be called Cheat Module and was only available to the developers for the purposes of easily spawning in resources to test the game with. It was briefly seen and used by players in Patch 0.10.5 on the Exotic Moon Tech Test planet, an early version of Novus, to help easily test the new terrain system without worry of gathering resources. The Cheat Module was able to spawn any resource in the game, including the removed Power and Oxygen nuggets.