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This is a community-written page for anyone that has a game tip; jot them down here to help other users on the Astroneer Wiki.

Note. "attachment slot" refers to the top of a platform, vehicle, or a backpack slot. Avoid confusing this with power cables.


  • Quick Store - Press (PC: Shift + Left Click, Xbox: Xbox One - LT + Xbox One - Y, PS4: PS4 - L2 + PS4 - Triangle, Switch: Switch - ZL + Switch - X) while moving a small item to snap it directly into your Backpack or Terrain Tool if you have at least one open slot.
  • In printers, chemistry labs, or any device with a holographic blueprint shown for crafting items, if you have the required material for crafting in your Backpack, you may Left Click (on PC) or Xbox One - RT (on XBOX), while your cursor is over the holographic blueprint and it will automatically place the material into the slot.


  • In your Backpack, you have 14 spaces for items. 8 directly on the back, 2 on the top shoulders, 3 on your tool, and 1 in the crafting/printer slot at the bottom. Storing the one item in the personal printer requires selecting to print an item using the appropriate material. For example, using Compound to craft tethers, while it is highlighted as the next item to be crafted you can store Compound in that area.
  • When you die, all the items you had in your Backpack will stay in the Backpack and you'll have to retrieve them. If you had items in the Terrain Tool's slots, they'll be dropped alongside the backpack and you may need to dig a small hole on the ground to retrieve them. Take note that if you die a second time, your first body will despawn and drop all its items.
  • You can manually drag Platforms (such as Extra Large Platform B) to transport multiple research items and resource items in one trip; or, use them for space-saving storage of resources in your base. Just print a platform in its packaged state, Left Click to carry to your destination, deploy the platform at your destination, attach any research and resource items, and click-drag the platform across the terrain from behind to in front of you, run beyond the platform and repeat the movement. It is not possible for your character to walk while carrying a deployed platform and so this method is best when you do not have space on your vehicle.
  • It is also possible to package your research items by using the Packager.




Storage Comparison:

  1. Medium Storage - Tier-2 attachment. Carries 8 small items. Recommended to mass-produce.
  2. Medium Storage Silo - Mid-game Tier-2 attachment. Can hold 24 small items.
  3. Large Storage - Tier-3 attachment. Provides 4 Tier-2 attachment slots. 4 Medium Storage will provide storage for 32 small items. It takes 3 pieces of Ceramic to make, nicely coinciding with how much Clay you can get out of one full Canister.
  4. Large Storage Silo A - Mid-game Tier-3 attachment. Provides 8 Tier-2 attachment slots. 8 Medium Storages will give you 64 small slots. It costs 5000 Bytes, but once unlocked, getting Aluminum is relatively easy, should you want to mass-produce these.
  5. Large Storage Silo B - Late-game Tier-3 attachment. Provides 12 Tier-2 attachment slots. 12 Medium Storage will give you a whopping 96 small slots. If paired with 12 Medium Storage Silos, the capacity triples to 288 items.
  6. Extra Large Storage - One of the only items in the game that requires/occupies a Tier-4 slot with 8 connectors. These are only useful for inefficient and expensive, but easy to navigate storage, a vanity project, or some completionist goals.

Recommended Manufacturing Platforms:

  1. Large Platform B
    • One Tier-3 slot
    • Two Tier-2 slots
  2. Large T-Platform
  3. Extra Large Platform A - Octagonal shaped platform with the largest attachment slot.
    • One Tier-4 slot
  4. Extra Large Platform C - Shaped like an oversized Large Platform B, but every slot is one Tier higher.
    • One Tier-4 slot
    • Two Tier-3 slots


  • Vehicles can be attached together to form rover trains. Click the power cable on one vehicle and connect it to another vehicle's cable slot. However, the speed and efficiency of the vehicle will lower depending on how many vehicles you have attached. A maximum of 4 rovers may be chained together in this way.
  • Equip an Extra Large Shredder with you in a train, instead of hauling each salvage item back to base. (You can also put unwanted items like canisters, modules and platforms in the Shredder.) For additional supplies one can fill canisters (via the Drills on the rover as long as empty canisters are attached or via empty canisters on the backpack with the extraction tool) with Soil while removing salvage from the ground, and use the soil centrifuge for additional resource production.
  • Do not operate the Large Rover at a core due to gravity design. A Medium Rover will perform better.
  • Be aware that using rovers in cave systems is extremely difficult, because of the uneven terrain and stalagmites everywhere. If a smooth, clean road is built to descend and ascend on, rover usage can speed up work considerably.

Off-World Travel

If you are travelling to other planets using the Small Shuttle, these are the items to bring:

Place filled Medium Storage in the side of the shuttle.

  • On the new world:
    • Remove the medium storage from the Shuttle and, if you brought one, replace it with the oxygenator or put it on a platform.
    • Deploy your medium platform B and place on it:
      • A medium printer
      • A small solar panel
      • A small wind turbine
    • Print:
    • Place the soil centrifuge, medium solar panel and medium wind turbine on the large platform B to get a starter base.
    • Remove the small solar panel and small wind turbine from the medium platform B
    • Put the beacon in the base if you brought one.
  • The canisters and soil centrifuge allow you to get most of the needed resources to build the base, just dig up some Soil.
  • Deploy the tractor and connect it to the trailer. Put the medium storage on the trailer and put the small solar panel and small wind turbine on it.