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This page is dedicated to showing all the removed or unused content in Astroneer.

Medium Printer

The original Medium Printer was removed as part of the efforts to streamline the crafting system. Its role was replaced by the Small Printer and Medium Printer, with some recipes moved to the Vehicle Bay.

Geothermal Generator

The Geothermal Generator was a module that would be placed on top of Geothermal vents, and would provide a passive flow of power, similar to what the RTG currently does. It was removed before the first release to the public due to issues of not working properly and vents were buggy.


The Refinery was a module that would use power to turn Ice into Hydrogen, similar to how the Chemistry Lab converts Ammonium into Hydrazine.

It can be seen in the first developer lets play.


Multiple hazards from Alpha were removed, such as Storms and flora hazards such as Acid Pots/Pumpkins and Cave Lures.

Acid Pots were replaced by Hissbines, while Cave Lures were removed with no replacement.

Stationary Crane

A crane could be seen in the first developer lets play, along with it drilling ice.

Rail Network

The Rail Network was required for the Refinery and Crane to work. It would transfer power, and resources along its rails. It can be seen being used in the first developer let's play. A primitive version of this was seen in the reveal trailer. Rails were reintroduced in the Rails Update, however it varies greatly, using cars and engines to transport resources.

Directional Solar Panel

Just a giant solar panel that can only point in one direction, like a smaller version of the solar panel wreck.

3 Wheeled Rover

The same as the current Large Rover, but is a longer version of Medium Rover with a Tier-4 Connector.

Giant Bones

A complete and a partial ribcage, as well as a jaw bone containing Research Items, could be found both above and underground. This was removed in the 1.0 update.


Coal was a resource that powered Medium Generator and had high value when the Trade Platform could trade any resource. Its functions were replaced by Carbon. It was commonly found inside the third cave layer on Tundra/Glacio.

Vehicle Bay

The Vehicle Bay was where large items were created. With the 1.0 release, the crafting functionality was replaced by the Large Printer, with the landing zone functionality moved to the Landing Pad.

Shuttle Seat and Large Shuttle Seat

The Shuttle Seat and Large Shuttle Seat were virtually identical to their rover counterparts, only visually being different, and were not needed once the new shuttles were implemented.