Shuttle Seat

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X.png The subject of this article has been removed from the game in an update.
Shuttle Seat Shuttle Seat
Close 1-seat.png
Tier Medium
Group Vehicle Mod
Type Module
Crafted at Vehicle Bay
Recipe 2x Aluminum
Unlock Cost 2,800 Bytes

The Shuttle Seat was a medium (2 slots) attachment that could be put on Rovers and Shuttles. While in the seat, players were able to operate whatever the seat is attached to.


Shuttle Seats could be placed on top of Shuttles and Rovers. When targeting the seat, the user could hold E to enter the seat and begin operating the vehicle. If two seats are placed on the same vehicle, whoever enters the vehicle first assumes control of the vehicle. When placed on a rover, a Shuttle Seat acted the same as a Rover Seat. When entered on a shuttle, pressing Z or X would launch the shuttle, allowing quick travel across a planet or to other planets in the system.

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