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Logistics Depot Logistics Depot
Logistics Depot.png
Tier Extra Large
Group Item
Type Mission

Logistics Depots are a Mission item in Astroneer. They are the central items used as part of the Rails Update missions.


Logistics Depot: Glacio is teleported in using the Peculiar Piece.

Logistics Depot: Calidor is teleported in using the Curious Gadget.

Logistics Depot: Sylva is teleported in using the Unusual Device.


Logistics Depots are used to collect items for the rails missions. Trains may also be called to the Logistics Depots, but they cannot unload resources or items like the Rail Station does.

Data Log

Transportation Manual

Staying On Track

  • Greetings, Astroneer-in-training! EXO Dynamics welcomes you to the exciting world of railway transit.

    Your friendly railway depot is a one-stop source for transporting goods on behalf of EXO. Attached to this depot is a receptacle for delivering items. You will also find a port dedicated to power supply to ensure the depot runs smoothly.

    Once activated, this depot will request various items of interest to EXO scientists. Just connect the EXO certified rail line and you'll have a functional railway in minutes!

    Note: Remember, every step on your journey furthers the effort to improve large scale planetary transportation, so get out there and get building.

    Happy Rails, Astroneer!

  • Depots & You

  • Greetings, Astroneer-in-training!

    Thus far, EXO Dynamics has established three depots on Glacio, Calidor, and Sylva. Each planet has unique topography to better assess the effectiveness of planetary railways, as well as valuable resources to collect in a way that's more efficient than EXO's prototype transportation system.

    On Glacio, you will find freight that has been neatly packaged for delivery to the depot. On Calidor, you will find a number of items deep within the caverns that will be invaluable for scientific research. And on Sylva, nestled within the mushroom layer, you will find a rare specimen that requires further study.

    Note: Materials should not prove hazardous if handled correctly. Refer to Part 5 of this manual for safety concerns.

    Happy Rails, Astroneer!

  • A Pile of Pylons

  • Greetings, Astroneer-in-training! Now that you know about the three depots, it's time you learned about two powerful tools that will assist you in your transit journey: Site pylons and your compass.

    Previous Astroneers have taken care of some of the more tedious work, allowing you to focus on hauling freight. They've placed site pylons near areas of interest on all three planets. These pylons are your handy hint to stop and say "Hey! I think there might be something worth hauling around here!"

    Wondering why your rail line suddenly stops when attached to a pylon? Don't worry, Astroneer. Site pylons act as a terminus for your rail line, but they also work well in conjunction with Junctions! Just attach a Rail Junction and your line can continue in multiple directions.

    Confused about how to find these pylons? Uh oh, looks like someone hasn't been making use of their compass! Once you've activated a depot and have been tasked with delivering materials, your compass will tell you exactly where to find site pylons. Remember, an Astroneer's best friend is their compass!

    Happy Rails, Astroneer!

  • Junction Function

  • Greetings, Astroneer-in-training! Have you ever wanted to divert your train to another rail line with the simple push of a button? With EXO Dynamics' state-of-the-art Railway Junctions, you can!

    If you're not satisfied keeping your rail lines on the straight-and-narrow, just deploy a Rail Junction and connect additional Rail Posts to extend your railway in multiple directions. Change which rail line your trains use at any time. Now you're thinking like a conductor!

    Reached a dead end deep inside the caverns of Calidor thanks to a Site Pylon? Nothing a Rail Junction can't fix! Just attach one to any Site Pylon to continue your rail line in whatever direction you desire.

    Runaway train looking to plunge into certain doom? Oh no! Better hit that switch button to change rail lines. Phew! That was a close one. For more safety tips, consult the fifth entry in this manual.

    Happy Rails, Astroneer!

  • Training Safely

  • Greetings, Astroneer-in-training! You're almost ready to begin your journey as a railway conductor. Before you get started, though, there are some important safety guidelines that must be followed.

    First, while EXO rail lines are specially designed to deform surrounding terrain, there are no guarantees this deformation will preserve the internal structure of the landmass. Collapse is possible but take heart! These rails are sturdier than they look.

    Second, though the rail engine car is fully programmable, you might notice it having a mind of its own on occasion. This is natural! Every program needs the chance to assert its independence. We recommend exiting the vehicle immediately if it seems displeased.

    Third and finally, long-haul transit isn't for everyone! We cannot guarantee the safety of Astroneers undertaking this critical mission, but a second printing should sort out any issues.

    Please note: It may take a second, third, fourth, or even more printings to fulfill the depot requests. Just keep at it, and Happy Rails, Astroneer!

  • Personal Logs

    Optimal Conditions

  • This is Conductor Imala Bell, Chief Logistics Officer for EXO Dynamics reporting from Glacio regarding the testing of subterranean rail systems.

    I've encountered noticeable slowdown when the rail system is exposed to sub-optimal temperatures. It requires more power to run efficiently, so I've attached a QT-RTG in addition to the wind turbines to achieve peak performance.

    I'm supposed to onboard someone soon--a Doctor Stone. No background in engineering or logistics, but he has achieved notoriety in his own field.

    I'm sure it will be fine.

    - Personal Log, Conductor Bell

  • The Good Doctor

  • Doctor Stone is... very focused. I appreciate that he's dedicated but prioritizing the cargo over the vessel is incredibly short-sighted.

    He wants to run my rail lines through terrain I have not adequately field-tested. The numbers I've run suggest a 76.94% chance of success. Still...

    I guess in the spirit of professional compromise; I should let him have his rail line.

    But I'm not happy about it.

    - Personal Log, Conductor Bell

  • Correspondence: Calidor

  • Conductor,

    Did you receive this morning's message? We should leave for Calidor immediately.

    Please advise.


    Doctor Stone,

    You can see my name as a recipient. I'm in the process of safely packaging my equipment. We'll leave when I'm ready to leave.


    PS - Once again, you can just call me Bell.

  • Correspondence: Improvements

  • Conductor,

    I see only three shipments made to the depot. There should be seven.

    Please advise.


    Doctor Stone,

    As I explained before, seven is beyond the allotted weight limit for a successful delivery.



    PS - There's no need to keep saying "please advise" when you're already asking a question. I will advise by replying.



    The rail cars can handle the extra weight. I tested them myself.

    Please advise.


    Doctor Stone,

    You did what?




    The issue has been resolved. I improved your designs significantly. No need to thank me.

  • C.O.L.E.

  • This absolute buffoon.

    I have never worked with a more arrogant person in my life. His hare-brained "improvements" led to one of my engines malfunctioning. It's going to take me weeks to fix.

    In the meantime, I've modified the engine to display a wide variety of negative emotions to better convey my displeasure.

    - Personal Log, Conductor Bell

  • Correspondence: Resignation

  • Doctor,

    Consider this my official resignation from this project.




    Resignation? We haven't extracted all of the artifacts!

    Please advise.



    If you want the artifacts, carry them to the planet's surface yourself.

    You'll find attached an itemized list of damages incurred on this project.

    Engine car, unsalvageable - 3,000,000 bytes

    Transport cart x 4, unsalvageable - 2,000,000 bytes

    Rail line segment x 6, unsalvageable - 240,000 bytes

    I expect to see the bytes in my account by end of week.


  • Science Team Report

  • Bell,

    I've made a scientific discovery I think you'll find as fascinating as I do.

    There's a strange distortion of time surrounding the immediate perimeter of the obelisks. The amount of energy generated is off the charts.

    I also believe they are emitting a message. I've yet to decipher what it means or even how the message is formed, but I believe we have a unique and exciting opportunity to unravel this mystery. We must gather more data!

    Please advise.

  • Personal Investigation

  • Stone may be a fool, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. The occasional anomaly should be expected. This is something different.

    The obelisk seems to be pulling data from a past journey, despite this being our first time exploring this planet. This data isn't encoded in a message - not the way Stone believes, at least. There's more happening here.

    I've detected something similar on Sylva. If I can leave Stone to his ridiculous pursuits on Calidor, I can--ugh. Of course, he's trying to contact me.

    Hello? Yes, I know this is Doctor Stone, you're the only one on this channel. Why are you-- [recording terminated]

    -Personal Log, Conductor Bell

  • Final Report: Doctor Stone

  • I was asked to give my professional assessment of the Conductor's performance and I must say I am impressed. The failure of her equipment was through no fault of her own, and she managed to recover quickly enough to perform her duties.

    Obviously, I am not pleased about leaving artifacts behind, but I intend to return to Calidor and finish the extraction.

    Assign the Conductor to this task. It will be much more efficient than having to teach someone else to use her transit system.

    -Doctor Stone

  • Subject: I'm done

  • Never assign me to work with Doctor Stone again.

    -If I'm forced to exist in even virtual proximity with him, I can assure you it will not go well.

    -Imagine an extinction-level event taking place simultaneously on every planet we've ever charted, and you would achieve a fraction of the cataclysmic impact our continued working relationship would have.

    -I've named my migraines after Doctor Stone.

    Warmest Regards,

    Conductor Bell

    PS - Send someone to collect data on the anomalies I discovered on Sylva. Something strange is going on.

  • Notes

    Logistics Depots are immovable once placed. They cannot be crated using a Packager, and will hover if the soil beneath them is excavated. Furthermore, they do not auto-level when teleported in. Great care should be taken when placing one.