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Rail Station Rail Station
Rail Station.png
Tier Extra Large
Group Item
Type Railway
Crafted at Large Printer
Recipe Titanium x2
Copper x1
Quartz x1
Unlock Cost 2,500 Bytes

Rail Stations are a Railway item in Astroneer. They allow Rail Cars to stop, load, or unload their cargo, as well as calling railway vehicles to the station.


Output Input Module
Rail Station Titanium x2
Large Printer


Rail Stations are used mainly as stops for Rail Cars, Rail Engines, and C.O.L.E., which allow for the loading and unloading of items and resources. The control panel on the station's platform allows the player to change the stop and loading modes and can call rail vehicles.

Stop mode allows the station to stop no rail vehicles, stop only uncalled rail vehicles (those automated from other locations or piloted by the player), or to stop all rail vehicles.

Loading mode allows the station to load items to storages on rail cars or unload items to storages on the station platform. When in loading mode, Rail Cars that stop at a station will have all slots filled on the cars' storage. When arriving at an unload station, all storages will be emptied from the rail cars, if enough space is available.

Rail Stations have two Target Pins and two Pin Slots, allowing for more controlled automation. Target Pins will send a signal to any connected items when a rail vehicle passes through or stops at the station. When a signal is sent to the Pin Slots, the station will send rail vehicles out the side of the station of the slot that was activated.

Attaching a Target Pin from Sensors or Repeaters directly on the station will call rail vehicles to it.

Rail Stations have a slot next to the control panel meant for a Beacon to be placed on to.