EXO Dynamics Research Aid (Breakdown Event)

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EXO Dynamics Research Aids for the Breakdown Event are field research units, found on every planet, that open after certain criteria are met. The icon shown on the sides of the container tells the player what is needed to open it. For the event, research aids come with blue, pink, or yellow bottoms, and contain a variety of items for the event.


The criteria to open a Research Aid is shown as an icon on the sides of the container:

  • Research Aids marked with Power symbols need to either be supplied with a specific amount of power, indicated by a ring that displays progress, or supplied with enough power, indicated with bars that will fill over time. Hovering over the research aid will display a tooltip that tells the player which they need to do.
  • Research Aids marked with Resource symbols require the proper resource to be placed in the slot, which is consumed after doing so. The player may check the built-in Astropedia, (Rocketship tab in menu opened by (PC: Esc, Xbox: Xbox One - Menu Button, PS4: PS4 - Options, Switch: Switch - Plus) or this wiki for the symbols. The resource required per planet varies by layer, with harder to obtain resources being required deeper down the planet.


The reward for opening a research aid depends on which layer the aid is found and the color the the base of the aid.

Resources Per Planet

The following table lists the Resources needed per planet, and which layers they are required for.

Region Resources
Caves Resin, Compound
Mantle Aluminum, Resipound

Power Required Per Planet

The following table lists the Power required to either be charged or to be held at the same time per planet. The one that requires to be charged has charge bars next to the outlet.

Region Power To Hold Power To Charge
Caves 2 Units/second 10 Units
Mantle 3 Units/second 10 Units


  • These Research Aids look similar to EXO Dynamics Research Aids, but with a Purple, Blue or Yellow Galactic Pallet hue on the bottom.
  • The bottom of the capsule used to remain indefinitely, but since Patch 1.20.265 it disappears shortly after the reward is removed.