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Rogal is one of the seven Galastropods in Astroneer.


Rogal is rewarded by completing the G. novus: Recovery mission, after providing an Empty Terrarium with Soil, Iron, and a Thistlewhip seed for the G. novus: Terrarium mission.


Rogal's primary color is lavender, their secondary color is bright desaturated lavender, their tertiary color is dark purple, and their quaternary color is sea green. Their head is the most different in shape from the rest of the Galastropods. The majority of their body is bright desaturated lavender. There is a small sea green "button" on their chest. Their horns are soft and directly protrude from the back of their head, with bright lavender detailing nearing the end of each horn. Their horns also start large but quickly reduce in width as they near the ends. They also have two soft appendages that hang off the sides of their head and gently curl upwards, which vaguely resemble ears. Their mouth is indicated by two appendages that hang directly from their face. Their shell is sea green with a large dark purple stripe. It also has the least resemblance to a snail's shell and has a striking resemblance to the Polish pastry of the same name.


Rogal will produce 6.0 U/s of power for 10 minutes when fed a seed. Feeding Rogal a Mutant Cataplant Seed will increase the buff to 30 minutes.


The following lore may be accessed through the Data Log panel on the Xenobiology Lab.

Galastropoda novus // Rogal

"A mysterious and powerful companion who energizes technology when well fed. Rogal generates a surprising amount of power for one so small, no matter where they reside."


  • Rogal's name is based on a Polish pastry of the same name, in addition to their shell looking like the crescent roll shape of the pastry as mentioned earlier.